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    The online mockup and design technology is just getting started and here's your chance to become an early adopter; join the Mediamodifier Affiliate Program and you’ll receive a special referral link that you can share through social media posts, on your website or blog – however you choose! You’ll earn a 51% commission for each new Mediamodifier subscriber that signs-up through your unique referral link.

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Getting started is easy

and anyone can join to earn money

1. Register

It's completely free and every affiliate is automatically accepted. Get started in minutes and set up your affiliate account.

2. Promote

Share the special link you receive and promote Mediamodifier through your website or social media channels.

3. Earn

We will award you for the new clients you refer. You get a 51% share of each sale, paid monthly via PayPal.

Why Choose Mediamodifier
As Your Affiliate Partner?

It can be difficult to get new people to join websites with tens of millions of users;
since Mediamodifier is still relatively small, we have the opportunity for tremendous growth.

Our online tools solve real problems for people and companies that need a simple way to create marketing visuals.
This means Mediamodifier can be a helpful and must-have tool, rather than "nice to have" addition
and it makes it attractive to potential new users, who did not yet know we can solve their problems.

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Who are we looking for?

The Mediamodifier affiliate program is perfect for (but not limited to):

mediamodifier business owners affiliate program

Website Owners & Entrepreneurs

You are running a business or operating a website and you might already be a Mediamodifier user. Share your experience on how Mediamodifier could help businesses grow and simplify the design process.

mediamodifier referral program for bloggers

Bloggers & Social Media Influencers

You have regular website visitors or social media followers who constantly check what you're up to - turn your active traffic and engagement into revenue by recommending the benefits of our services.

mediamodifier designer affiliate program

Designers, Students & Educators

If you're a designer yourself, or educate people on the topics of design then we share the same vision - allowing anyone to design beautiful content and learning by doing. Contact us for obtaining EDU licenses.

Best Practices and Tips
to Earn Money with Mediamodifier

Here are a few tips on how to get started with the promotion
and maximize your profits with the Mediamodifier affiliate campaign.

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  • Promotion Ideas and Tips:

    1. Write a blog post or review: for example Mediamodifier vs ___ (any tool which Mediamodifier can replace). Publish, share on your social media, post on Facebook groups or send it out to your email list. 

    2. Add a link (together with your affiliate link) to any existing articles or posts you have related to Photoshop, design, mockups, marketing, video editing, advertising or social media marketing.

    3. Write how Mediamodifier helped to solve your problem - this can be a review or simple use case example in a blog.

    4. Add Mediamodifier as a permanent link to the resources or useful tools section on your webpage.

    5. Write a tutorial or how-to article about how to use a Mediamodifier feature.

    6. NB: Don't forget to share any content your create with us, so we can help boost your content even further (and reward you with backlinks).

  • Big No-No... Things to Avoid:

    • Brand bidding – you are not allowed to purchase a domain name, search engine keyword or PPC advertisement that uses the Mediamodifier brand name or variations
    • Email or social media spamming – spamming with your affiliate link via email or social media direct messaging is also forbidden
    • Doing anything that might be confusing, misleading or deceptive to users (for example, referring from a site that might be confusing to users about whether it is a site operated by Mediamodifier)
    • Advertising on websites or forums promoting illegal activities
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Sell the Vision
Not Just the Products

We solve problems from the customer’s perspective, not our own.
Mediamodifier includes multiple products and these services can all be advertised as one
or promoted as separate design tools to cater the needs of different audiences.

We're also constantly adding new features with a vision to become the all-in-one design
and marketing platform of the future!

These are the Mediamodifier features which our customers currently love the most:

  • online mockup generator affiliate program

    Online Mockup Generator

    Bye bye Photoshop - this tool allows anyone to create product mockups with blazing speed and with a library of thousands of templates it's a real mockup heaven for visualizing ideas.

  • Affiliate program for designers

    Online Design Maker

    A template-based design maker allows anyone to become a graphic designer and produce display ads or social media posts with no effort. Each template can be easily customized and resized.

  • promote online image tools

    Creative Image Tools

    A collection of image tools designed to speed up the workflow or help spark the creative process. These tools can turn regular photos into artwork for people who need a fast online solution.

  • social media ad mockup generator

    Social Media Ads & Mockups

    It's the century of social media and Mediamodifier includes plenty of templates to create social media ads, preview your posts in mockups and create engaging 3D posts.

Download Visual Assets
or Create Your Own Banners

Use our ready-made banners or easily customize the templates.

Download Banners

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Let's Summarize

There are lots of people who can benefit from our service - Mediamodifier is already used by hundreds of digital marketers, entrepreneurs, bloggers and website owners around the world. You get to help people by introducing them to our useful online tools and earn money in the process.

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