Sell Your PSD Files as Online Templates

Mediamodifier is a stock design marketplace open for everyone. Designers can sell their work created in Photoshop and clients can purchase customized images without the need to ever open Photoshop.


Protected from Piracy

Clients do not receive source files


Creative Freedom

Set your own price on items


No Exclusivity Lock

Sell with us, and anywhere else


Sell Unlimited Copies

The end result is different for each customer


Live Previews

Customers can try before they buy


Expand Your Market

Sell to customers without any Photoshop knowledge

  • Sell unlimited copies of your work.
  • Clients do not receive the source files.
  • No risk of piracy and file sharing.
  • Clients can preview before buying, lower risk of refunds.
  • Set your own price on items.
  • Opt-out any time!

The Author Program

The Mediamodifier author programs allow anyone with Photoshop skills to join in and make money by uploading templates in Photoshop format. In essence, you will be selling customized JPEG images rendered from your template. No one will ever receive your original Photoshop source files. You will not be paid for uploading a PSD file, but for every time a client purchases a personalized image.

How Much do I earn?

All new authors start with a 50% commission. Based on the sales volume, each author can earn up to 70% from each sale. View earnings and commission rates on the slider below:

50% 70% $0 $40000


Important: Based on the country of residence, we also need to deduct withholding tax from certain authors. For a full list of countries affected and the tax rates, please see the Author Taxes page

Payout Terms

Payouts will be made to the Author's PayPal account in the beginning of each month for the previous month's earnings. Minimum payout threshold: 50USD.

How can I create Templates?

You can create anything that can be made in Adobe Photoshop software. Content placeholder objects need to be smart objects so you will need at least Photoshop CS2 version. All templates created in newer Photoshop version will also work.

PSD file Limitations:

  1. The template must contain only 1 placeholder smart object (you can make multiple instances of the same smart object)
  2. The Placeholder smart object cannot be inside a folder (simply move it out of all the folders)

Other then that, there are no limits on what you can create inside Photoshop. You can use layer styles, smart filters and masks. Mediamodifier will automatically analyze the contents of the PSD and will and make it into an online template.

Uploading Templates

For uploading a template you will also need to create 2 preview files and format your PSD:

Create a template preview image (max width 650px) for the product page.
Create a Product Thumbnail (300x200px) for the archive pages.
Hide all layers inside the Placeholder smart object.

Upload your files on the Dashboard page, fill in the details and wait for your template to be approved within 12 hours.

Author Terms

We ask all authors to comply with the Author Terms and the following rules:

  • The files you upload for sale on Mediamodifier must be your own creation.
  • You have a license that grants you permission to resell any third-party assets.
  • If you believe that anyone on Mediamodifier is violating intellectual property rights, please report it.
  • Do not upload items that contain explicit profanity, nudity or extreme violence.