Create Online Mockups with Mediamodifier

Mediamodifier is an online tool for converting Photoshop PSD templates into online mockups. Designers can sell their work and clients can customize templates online.

Creating Online Mockups has never been easier. Mediamodifier is an online tool both for designers and for people seeking to customize design templates online without any Photoshop knowledge. Simply upload your image into a template, see if the preview fits your needs, and purchase the personalized image in full size and quality. 

It's an open marketplace filled with hundreds of design templates starting from simple laptop screen mockups to complex image and logo effects. Mediamodifier makes it super simple to showcase a website, GUI of your application or an online service. Preview your logo design in a realistic scene, market your new product, or add creative 3D effects to your photographcs, the possibilites are endless.

create online psd mockups

Each template includes specific information about the author of the template and details about the image: the full size resolution and size of the placeholder. This information is helpful for uploading an image that fits the placeholder size, so the full size image will not be blurry. Don't worry about the exact size of your image, after uploading it is easy to crop your image into the correct aspect ration, which is specific for each template.

Mediamodifier also features a unique way to upload images into templates via URLs. You can easily customize whether to take the screenshot of a website in Mobile, Desktop or Laptop view. This makes it easy to grab a correct screenshot that will fit into a template.

Get Started with Free Templates

We also have a bunch of free templates, so you will be able to test just how exactly the system works. Have some fun with our free mockup templates and insert your own content - download the final images free in high resolution.

Author Program for Designers

Mediamodifier offers a unique chance for Photoshop designers to sell their work online. Get started on the author page