How to Upload Advanced Products to Mediamodifier

How to Format Your Photoshop file

An advanced product means that you will be able to incorporate multiple smart objects into your PSD file. In addition to smart objects there are also others layer types which can be used to make highly complex online templates. Advanced templates are automatically analyzed on our website, so if your PSD file is formatted correctly, then Mediamodifier will detect all the placeholders, their names and also generate preview images. This can all be done by giving each layer in your Photoshop file a specific name and tag. The layer types are as follows:

mm_img: Layer name for smart objects.
mm_clr: A Smart object layer for color changes.
mm_cbx: Layer that can be turned on or off using a checkbox.

The colon is always followed by name that can easily be recognized and will be shown on the template customization page on Mediamodifier. Each layer will generate a file upload form and optimal size is displayed, based on the smart object size.

Each correctly name smart object layer will generate a file upload form




This is the layer name given for all the placeholder smart objects. So for example if your template includes 2 placeholders: iPhone Screen and Laptop Screen. Then you must rename those layers as mm_img:iPhone Screen and mm_img:Laptop Screen. If your template contains multiple instances of the same smart objects, for example for achieving a 3D effect, then you must only rename one of the layers, as all others instances will be automatically updated by Photoshop.



By using this layer type, you will be able to create layers that can be turned on or off. A layer with this name will be shown on Mediamodifier with a tick box option. If the layer is not ticked, it will be hidden. For example you can build and organize your PSD file in a way, that if none of the background layers are selected, then the template can also have a a transparent background. Note: the mm_cbx: layer is not meant for only backgrounds, you can essentially use it to turn on/off any layer that is used for creating effects.

Example, choose backgrounds and effects:

mm_cbx:Background Sky
mm_cbx:Blur Effect
mm_cbx:Lens Flare


With this layer name you can create customizable colors for users. The layer must be a smart object with a simple solid fill color. You can mask the layer and create multiple color options in your template for specific items. 

Example File

Each correctly name smart object layer will generate a file upload form


The example image shows how to create mockups with one placeholder, color chooser for shirt and background and an option to turn off the background. A transparent image can be downloaded if the background option is unticked and PNG file is chosen

Creating Preview Images

Preview image and thumbnail for your product are automatically generated from your PSD file. Simply insert your preview design into your smart object as one layer and in your finalized file, HIDE the layer inside the smart object.This way the preview image will not be included in user renders. The file names for your images are taken from the name of your Photoshop file. So for SEO reasons (and for your own recognition) it is much better to name your PSD file for example 3D-future-car-mockup-template.psd rather than just car.psd 

Uploading the Product

On the upload form, fill in the details for the Title, price, category and tags. Be as descriptive as possible as the fields are used for search on our site and on internet Search Engines. A good design is useless if no one will ever find it. After uploading the PSD file, it will be analyzed online and before you upload you can review the layer name and make corrections under the Green Custom inputs area

Each correctly name smart object layer will generate a file upload form