Mediamodifier Launches Live Template Editor

The Fastest Way to Make Mockups Online.

Mediamodifier launched in 2016 as a tool that allows anyone to customize mockups and create image effects online in a web browser without needing Photoshop. Now we've taken a step ( and you might even call it a big giant leap) further by introducing an advanced version of our template editor.

But before we start to praise our new template editor, let's take a look at how the old system worked:

  • You choose a mockup template you like;
  • Upload your images onto the placeholder(s)
  • Hit the preview button and wait 5-15 seconds for the small preview to load;
  • Upon making any changes, you need to render a new preview.

The new template editor removes all those pain points!

So what are the benefits of the live editor:

  • Full quality product preview - no more guessing how your image looks like in the template;
  • All modifications happen in real time - don't waste another second;
  • No more time spent on uploading your image - even a 20MB picture is loaded with an instant;
  • Turn off layers and disable elements - existing templates are more flexible;
  • Free previews - download small images without watermarsk;
Mediamodifier online PSD template editor mockup generator

Nothing will change for existing customers. In addition to the new live system, all templates can also be customized using the old static editor. (Look for the Static Editor button below the right sidebar) All active subscription plans will renew at the same time price until you decide to cancel.

Don't just take our word for it!

Go ahead and try out our live template editor, just hit the Edit button on any of the templates.

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