3 Amazing Illustrators You Should Follow on TikTok


Tiktok has taken the world by storm!

You can scroll through millions of videos and follow your favorite artists as the app has become a viral sensation among a new generation of content creators!

Although infamous for short and goofy dance videos, there is also some amazing and educational content in TikTok – you just have to know where to look.

Today we will take look at some of the top Designer and Illustrator accounts you should follow for tips and inspiration.

1) Account Name: @carlzsays

If you are a fan of Anime style digital drawing this is a must follow channel for you. There are some great digital art tips & hacks as well as short tutorial videos.

How to create digital art in phones or in an iPad tablet? This channel has covered almost all the spectrum in the area.

With almost 270K followers and 5 million likes, this is a channel to follow if you are just starting your digital art journey.

2) Account Name: @kado_art

Are you starting your journey into the world of digital illustration? Looking forward to getting some coloring tips?

@kado_art is one of the coolest channels to follow into the world of digital illustration. We especially loved his coloring videos. If you are fan of recent Instagram celebrities like Kylie Jenner, chances are you get to see their digital illustration version. With a staggering 570k follower and 19m likes, this is a must-follow channel for you, if you are a fan of digital illustration.

3) Account Name: @sophiescribble

Character design and 2d animation is one of the most popular form of digital media. Starting from video games to website, these two are very poplar forms of digital illustration.

If you are a new in this world or just starting out into the vast world of digital illustration, we highly recommend you to check out this account.

Sophie’s videos are not only fun and attractive, they are also thoughtful and educational. We highly recommend you to check out this channel. Till now it has amassed 122k followers with 1.8m likes.


That was it – 3 creative TikTok video channels related with graphic design and illustration themed content for some instant inspiration.

If you think we missed an important player in this field, be sure to let us know!

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