Frequently Asked Questions

All the details on the invoice can be changed on the invoice download page.

Yes, If you cancel your plan before the next renewal cycle or right after completing the order, you will still retain access to all paid features until the end of your subscription period.

Each subscription can be cancelled from the Mediamodifier dashboard.

We do not offer a lifetime deal for Mediamodifier

There might be a small delay between a successful payment and the activation of your account. (more likely with a PayPal payment) However usually this process only takes a few seconds. You can verify if your subscription was successful at your Mediamodifier account dashboard If your card was charged, but the subcription is still not active, please contact and we can investigate the issue.

Yes, for this you need to first sign-in via Google and then change the password under your Account overview page.

If you did not find a mockup you need, please contact us and let us know. Send us your request, we'll make it into a template and notify you when it's online. Write a short description of the template or include some visual materials.

All of our current PSD files are created with 72DPI.

Yes, this can be achieved with our Mockup Generator API starting at 99USD/month + a free trial account. The API also supports uploading your own custom mockups in addition to using all Mediamodifier public mockups.

Yes you are allowed to print images created with Mediamodifier for marketing purposes.

Yes you are allowed to use downloaded images on your website and social media channels.

First of all, stay calm! A frozen screen most likely means that for some reason your computer together with our software could not handle the load and the browser has stopped responding. This could have happened because of a very large image, vector or video file.

Some of our tools use the computing power of your device (and not our server) so a computer with lower specs could be one cause. The best thing to do is wait a few seconds (or more) to see if the browser will be able to regain itself.

In many situations, it's possible that the tool still works, but very-very slowly. If you're lucky, then you'll be able to save your design or mockup before closing the browser and losing your work.

Important: If you every get a frozen screen error in Mediamodifier, be sure to notify our customer support about the issue, where and how this happened - only then can we investigate the issue and solve the problem better, so it won't repeat