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Quickly edit SVG vector files online with our free design tool.
Skip Illustrator - drag and drop your svg, modify and download as SVG, JPG, PDF or PNG.

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How to Edit SVG File Online?

Follow these easy steps and edit any svg file online with our free graphic design tool.
Resize vector SVG files, change colors, modify border size and combine multiple SVG
file or icons into one. It's the easiest and fastest way to edit SVG graphics online.

1. Open SVG Editor

The SVG editing features are built right into our feature rich and free design maker.
Use it to create graphic designs, edit SVG content or edit video online. Open the editor and choose a size for your design canvas.

2. Drag & Drop Your SVG

Simply drag and drop your SVG file or icon into the editor canvas. You can always resize the canvas area to any other size later on. Select the SVG image you have select and ungroup if neccesary to access single elements in the vectors design.

3. Customize & Download

You can change the fill and border color, border size and send objects back or front. Mediamodifier is best for editing simple SVG and icon files and making quick adjustements in the color scheme or object positions. Download the file as SVG, PDF JPG or PNG.

Use These Handy Features
of the Free Online SVG Editor Tool

You don't need the complex features of Illustrator to make small changes
to vector files. With our free SVG editor, you can easily create minor adjustments
in matter of seconds and save precious time in your workflow.

  • vector edit shapes online group feature
  • SVG Object Grouping

    This handy feature is a must-have in any vector editing program. A vector design is usually made up from multiple small elements, so moving things around can be a tricky task. Easily select objects with SHIT + left mouse click and group shapes together, so it's better to organize the layout of your vector design or icon.

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  • Mix, Merge and Combine Multiple SVG Files

    Mediamodifier SVG editor is a big design canvas. This means you can freely combine multiple vector files into one SVG or reuse parts from another design. Drop in multiple files, ungroup shapes and mix a perfect SVG just you need.

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  • merge combine SVG files online
  • Easy, Fast and Free

    Don't bother opening Illustrator or any other complex vector editing tool. Make all the neccesary edits to your SVG file and quickly download the final result, even without signing up for an account.

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  • Add Text to SVG

    Images can say a thousand words, but sometimes you need real text! Use the Mediamodifier SVG editor and easily add text to your SVG files online. Select the text tool from the left menu and insert text right on top of your vector file.

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  • add text to svg online
  • free svg to jpg converter online
  • Save Image as SVG, JPG, PNG or PDF

    Converting your SVG to PNG or raster JPG images will not get any easier than this. Simply drop in your SVG, make the changes in color or size and click the download button. Save the completed SVG as JPG, PNG or PDF file directly from your browser.

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  • Free SVG Illustrations

    Browse through a growing collection of creative, unique and free vector SVG icons and illustrations. All created with ❤️ by Mediamodifier artists. Try out the Illustration to Photorealistic AI Image tool if you want convert vectors to stunning photos instead.

    Download Free Vectors

  • free SVG icon packs

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