What is the Mediamodifier
Image Contributor Program?

Submit your photographs to Mediamodifier and we'll turn them
into beautiful mockup templates which you can easily edit yourself.

Completed mockups can be edited online in our mockup generator,
or downloaded as layered PSD files for Adobe Photoshop.

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    Your Static Image

    Snap a photo yourself, or forward an image from a free stock photo site.

  • custo made PSD mockup

    Customizable Mockup Template

    We create it into a mockup and credit the image author with a backlink.

As an Image Contributor,
What's in it for Me?

There are many benefits for submitting your image to Mediamodifier.
The best use cases include social media influencers for gaining exposure and
new followers, or entrepreneurs who need custom mockups without extra cost.

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  • Promotion and High Quality Traffic

    The author of the submitted image will be publicly credited on the template page. And with the most popular Mediamodifier mockup templates getting thousands of views each day, then this means a lot of visibility to your business, brand or personal portfolio.

    You can choose whether to link your name to a social media page or directly to your website (dofollow). The best mockups and contributors also constantly shared on our social media pages and promoted in our newsletters.

    Need ideas for good and useful Mockup Photos?

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  • The Perfect Custom Mockup for You

    If your're looking for a very specific mockup to use yourself, and can't find it, then let us make it for you - for free! Simply snap a photo yourself, or forward an image from a free stock Photo site like Pixabay, Unsplash or Pexels.

    Then simply sit back and relax, while we turn the image into an editable online mockup which can also be downloaded as a PSD file. This means you don't have to go searching for the perfect mockup, and let us create a custom mockup for you.

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  • Earn $$$ with the Affiliate Program

    As a contributor in the Mediamodifier platform, you can also choose to join our Affiliate program, which includes a 51% payout ratio for all new customer you bring. Signing up and getting started is easy.

    You can share the referral link on your social media or website and each click is recorded. If a person makes a purchase within 30 days, you'll receive 51% of their order amount.

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Who Can Benefit the Most?

The Mediamodifier image contributor program is perfect for (but not limited to):

mediamodifier photographer collaboration

Professional & Hobby Photographers

Everyone loves beautiful photos, but what's the use if nobody knows the author? With Mediamodifier you'll receive a link back to your portfolio page. This means a lot of exposure to your images and contact requests for potential more work requests and license purchases.

contributor program for bloggers

Social Media Influencers & Bloggers

Popular Mediamodifier Templates are viewed thousands of times each day. By collaborating with us, you'll receive quality and niche themed traffic to your social media profile. For example people visiting Book Mockups are more likely to follow your Instagram channel related to books or reading.

mediamodifier business program

Companies Selling Products Online

You are running a business or operating a website and you might already be a Mediamodifier user. Take a photo of your product and we'll turn it into an editable template you can easily edit. For example a book, box, bottle, shirt. Not only do you receive a mockup, but also a backlink to your website.

Convert Visitors to Followers!
Let's See a Working Use Case Example

The whole idea of the contributor program is to bring together
more people with similar interests. So let's look at one example of how Mediamodifier
helps one Instagram micro influencer get more followers on her account.

1) Instagram Micro Influencer Takes Beautiful Book Cover Pictures which are Popular on Social Media

instagram collaboration

Instagram user @loenraamatuid is a micro influencer who really enjoys reading books. Each time she starts reading a new book, she snaps a beautiful photo of the cover and posts it to Instagram. Her account has hundreds of followers, and these are mostly people who also enjoy reading. She doesn't need a million new followers, but each follower with a keen interest in reading, is always welcome!

2) The Best Pictures are Created into Mockups for People Looking to Promote Their Own Book in a Similar Way

create a custom mockup

@loenraamatuid also submits each photo of the book cover to Mediamodifier. We turn it into a mockup template and publish it to our mockup library. Book cover mockups are mainly used by independent writers, small authors, publishing companies and even authors on the New York Best sellers list! All these people are also keen on reading, and their looking for new ideas for promoting their own book.

3) People Interested in Marketing a Book are Now Connected to an Inspirational Instagram Account

instagram promotion with Mediamodifier

Once these people notice a mockup image they like, they can freely explore and see who created the picture. If they click on the author link, they will be taken to the Instagram page of @loenraamatuid where they will discover more book related content. As the audience is very much interested in promoting their own book, then they'll find it a good source of inspiration, opening the way to new possible collaborations.

Let's Collaborate?

Summary: submit your images to Mediamodifier,
and we'll turn them into editable mockups which anyone can easily edit.
As a reward you'll receive a link to your website or social media page which will
bring you targeted traffic with people interested in similar topics.

Submit Your Images


Which Photos Work Best for Mockups?

The best images which can be turned into mockups are usually of items which are white or light colored. For example a white book, blank t-shirt, empty blank paper etc. However don't be worried, the designers at Mediamodifier have years of experience turning regular photos into mockups.

This means we can also clean up photos, and remove unwanted brand logos, or any other items from the image and also improve color and lighting in the scene.

Who Can Join the Contributor Program?

Absolutely anyone can join and send a new photo. All it takes is a unique photo
taken by you, or a picture forwarded from a free stock photo site.

How Can I submit My Image?

The easiest way to get started is to send an email to hello @ mediamodifier.com.
Please include the following details:

1) Attach the image or multiple images (of course)
2) Your name or nickname (will be displayed publicly)
3) The link where your name should point to (a website or social media page)

What are the Size Requirements for the Photo?

Since the end result of Mediamodifier mockups is mainly web use,
then it's required for the photo to be at least 1600px wide.

The Quality of My Photo is not That Good?

No worries, you can still submit your photo and you don't have to worry about the quality of the image.

Our designers have years of experience turning photos into mockups.
You'll be surprised by the outcome!

Can I Send You a Photo from Free Stock Sites?

Sure, you can also forward us any image that can be turned into a mockup from CC0 free stock photo websites likes Unplash, Pexels or Pixabay.

Please note: in case you submit the image from a free Stock Photo site, the contributor that will be credited, is the author of the Photo, not you as the sender.