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Best Branding Stationery Mockups 📝 Feb 09, 2020
Do you need to showcase your beautiful letterhead, resume or business card design? We've put together a collection of our 35 best Branding and Stationery Mockups. Take a look and see if there's anything you like! Various templates of US letterhead and A4 paper size.

New Templates: YouTube Channel Art 📹 Feb 07, 2020
Today we've proud to launch a new category of design templates for Youtube Cover Art. Use these templates for creating a beautiful Cover for your Channel. Each template is perfectly optimized to correctly display on various devices including Desktop, Mobile, Tablet and TV without cropping out any important text.

Banners for Mediamodifier Referral Program 💸 Feb 06, 2020
Joining a referral program can be very rewarding (especially Mediamodifier with 51% payouts) however sometimes it can be difficult to get started with the promotions. To make things extra easy for you, we've created a bunch of customizable banner templates , which you can easily modify and then use to promote Mediamodifier. You can resize the banners to any size you need or also translate to any language.

New Blog Post: Facebook 3D Photos 🎥 Feb 05, 2020
We've all probably seen a few Facebook 3D Photos in our news feed, however what's the story behind them? When can marketers finally start boosting 3D Photos and create engaging ads?

New Blog Post: What is Instagram IGTV? 📺 Feb 03, 2020
Is Instagram IGTV a real thing or just an experiment by Mark Zuckerberg? Our new blog post discusses the reasons behind the launch of IGTV and the possible future scenario of it...

New Blog Design 📣 Feb 02, 2020
Let's face it, our old blog design was ugly and not very practical! That's why we recently revamped our blog layout and introduced some new modern features including a better font, a reading progress bar, indication of article length, social buttons and more. Head over to our new blog and check it out!

New Mockup Templates 🥂 Jan 29, 2020
Today we released a bunch of new mockup generator templates including stationery mockups for US letterhead, 3D tablecloth mockups, a few new poster mockups and an athletic shoe mockup. Missing a mockup template? Let us know through the contact form!

New Blog Post - How to Make a PSD Mockup 🧰 Jan 24, 2020
Have you ever wondered how to create your own Photoshop mockup or how the 2000+ PSD mockups on Mediamodifier were made? Guess no more - we've written a long and detailed article about how to make a mockup in Photoshop. The article has lots of useful information + includes a freebie PSD template. Go check it out!

A Bad Day for Robots - Login Fix 🤖 Jan 19, 2020
A bad day for robots and spammers - we fixed an issue which allowed users to sign up with a temporary or a false email account. Want to know how we solved the issue? Try to login with a fake account and see how it goes!

We Started a Facebook Community 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏻 Jan 17, 2020
When talented people share their ideas then it's guaranteed that something magical might happen! In an effort to bring together creative people in the design and marketing sector, we created a Facebook Community for learning together. Join our group and let's build a helpful community where we can all share our experience, feedback, tips and ideas.

New Category: Facebook Post Templates 👍 Jan 16, 2020
Thumbs up! We launched a new design templates category for Facebook Post Templates. The initial launch includes 50+ templates for making beautiful social media posts on your business or personal page. Fresh content added weekly as our theme for new content in January is Facebook posts and Valentine's Day content.

Send Mockups to Design Editor or Cropper 📰 Jan 9, 2020
Who doesn't love new features? The latest update to our Mockup Generator brings the ability send a completed mockup image straight to the Design Maker or to the Image Cropper. This way you can easily add text or graphics onto your image or resize it in a breeze. Check it out yourself - the Download button on a mockup page now includes a drop-down menu with these new choices.

60+ New Instagram Post Templates Added 😎 Jan 1, 2020
Celebrate Happy New Year with a large collection of new Instagram Post Templates. With a total count of Instagram templates now over 150+ you'll be sure to find a template for any occasion you need, because it's super simple to customize all the designs - easily change the texts or background image and turn one topic into a different theme quickly in a few clicks.

Changes in the Pricing Structure 🆓 Dec 21, 2019
A title like this usually means higher prices? Not this time... we've actually added a new Free option to our pricing model. Using a free account allows you to download any 3 templates for free each month. This includes mockups, designs and image effects. Enjoy, spread the word and create your free account

Bigger Commissions in the Affiliate Program 🤑 Dec 16, 2019
Our affiliate program just got a new facelift and all affiliates now receive 51% commissions on each new sale they refer. Getting started is super easy, read more on the Affiliate Page

Hello Changelog 📆 Dec 15, 2019
It took us 3 years, but it's finally here - a changelog page that allows you to easily stay updated with the latest content from Mediamodifier. From small fixes to new content notices, this the best place to stay updated about all the things we're up to!