20 Best Ticket Mockup Templates

March 5th 2020
6 minute read

Whether you’ve already got a new ticket design or still looking for some inspiration, these ticket mockup templates can help you visualize your concept.

Place your design into these mockups and create a realistic or 3D preview of your ticket in matter of seconds. Customize each template quickly in the online mockup generator and download full size preview.

1. 3D Ticket Mockup


Make a professional 3D mockup with this template featuring a stack of event tickets on a gradient studio background. Easily upload your own ticket design and set a color of the background scene to match your brand colors.

2. Event Ticket Mockup Template


A creative 3D mockup with an event ticket hovering above the ground. Place your design ticket onto the scene and share an upcoming event or advertise your ticket design skills – either way, you’re the winner here! Click on the placeholder to get started… it’s sure a lot easier than organizing the event itself!

3. Stack of Tickets Mockup


A beautiful mockup scene featuring a stack of wide cards/event tickets on a gradient studio background. This mockup is just waiting for your design to be implemented and showcased in a professional 3D scene. Click on the cards to get started and upload your own print card design within seconds.

4. Small Event Ticket Mockup


It might be a small ticket but the event or emotions may be huge! A mockup generator featuring a small blank tear-off event ticket isolated over a solid background color. Place your design onto this nostalgic small little ticket and promote your ticket design or the actual event itself.

5. Concert Ticket Mockup


Promote your ticket design with this mockup featuring 2 tickets hovering in a 3D scene. Showcase the back and front design and choose a color for the background to match your branding. Make a professional display of your event tickets and grab more attention with a 3D mockup.

6. Single Ticket Mockup


Make a 3D showcase of your ticket design and promote an upcoming event. An online mockup featuring a wide event ticket hovering in the air with soft ground shadows in a 3D scene. Upload your design and edit the color of the background to match your brand style. Go to the event or go home – that’s the only choice!

7. Double Ticket Mockup


Make your tickets jump in the air with this mockup featuring back and front side tickets hovering in the air with soft shadows. Place the front and back side of your ticket design into this mockup with 2 clicks and advertise an upcoming event.

8. Tickets on Desk Mockup


Remind people of an upcoming event with this mockup template featuring 2 wide tickets lying on a wood floor background. Showcase the back and front side of your ticket design and call people to action.

9. Wide Ticket Mockup


A mockup generator template of blank wide event ticket isolated over a solid background. You think it’s the most boring mockup we have here on Mediamodifier? Think again because with a creative and awesome ticket design this thing will blow the socks off… ah who am I kidding, it’s just a boring ticket mockup which you can use to advertise your event or design.

10. Two Tickets on Desk


Put things in perspective with your event – perspective view of 2 tickets lying on wood floor surface. Click on the placeholders and upload your own ticket design to showcase what’s about to happen soon!

11. Event Badge Ticket Mockup


Promoting an event? Showcase how the ticket pass/ID name badge will look like! A large portrait view lanyard name badge lying on a wood surface. Upload your own design onto the badge with a few clicks.

12. ID Badge Card Mockup


Hosting an event or designing an ID badge? Make a realistic preview of your lanyard badge design. Man with t-shirt wearing a large portrait ticket/ID name badge. Customize the color of the shirt to perfectly match your label design and make a branded image. An advanced online mockup for a portrait lanyard security/iD badge design

13. Lanyard Tag Ticket Mockup


A blank lanyard name tag holder on a wood table background. Make a quick mockup with your design in a name tag badge.

14. Lanyard Ticket Mockup


Closeup shot of a person with a white t-shirt wearing a portrait lanyard name badge holder. Display the design of your event ticket or ID name tag.

15. Hang Tag Ticket Mockup


How’s it hanging? Blank lanyard name badge holder hanging on a white background. Turn off the background layer for a transparent PNG version. Easily showcase your name tag design online.

16. ID Badge Card Mockup


3D lanyard name tag holder mockup. 3D perspective hovering plastic name badge holder. Insert your own image online. Turn off the background for a transparent PNG version of the label holder.

17. Landscape Lanyard Badge Mockup


A blank lanyard name tag holder on a solid color background. Place your ticket or name tag into the template and create a minimal mockup.

18. Lanyard Badge On Desk


A blank lanyard name tag on a wooden table background. Upload your own vertical name badge design into the placeholder and showcase your image in a realistic scene.

19. Man Showing Ticket Mockup


Closeup view of a young businessman in suit and tie showing a blank horizontal lanyard name badge. Showcase your name tag design for a business themed event. Upload your image, crop and ready you are.

20. Woman Wearing Ticket Badge


Woman wearing a blank vertical lanyard name tag. An online mockup for showcasing your name badge designs. Customize the shirt color to perfectly match your name badge design and branding style.


In case you’re an event organizer or a designer, then these ticket mockups can help you quickly visualize your ideas and preview your design in matter of seconds.

Don’t have a design yet? Use our free online design maker and easily create your own design from scratch or use some of the beautiful templates to get started faster.

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