Best 20 Mockups for Exhibition and Trade Show

March 5th 2020
7 minute read

Nobody wants to be the boring company at an exhibition or trade show! We all wish to stand out from the crowd and attract new potential customers!

Use these trade show mockups for previewing your design ideas for a trade show booth and desk, exhibition backdrop, rollup banner, tablecloth or even digital screen.

Quickly make a mockup of your idea and see if it’s worth printing or does it still need a bit of work! All these templates can easily be customized online with a few clicks, and are also available as Photoshop PSD templates.

1. Trade Show Background Mockup


Showcase your business logo or branding design for a trade show. A 3D mockup template featuring a popup display background for an exhibition booth. A curved tension fabric popup banner with LED lights on a studio background. Upload your own image onto the display advertising stand and change the color to match your design. Use the studio background setup or turn it off for a transparent PNG or plain white scene.

2. Exhibition Backdrop Mockup


You might have a good product or brand, but how will anyone find it if you’re not doing any advertising? Use this Mockup generator template featuring a front view of an exhibition/fair stand backdrop. Upload your logo design or full size image and showcase your brand without actually going to a networking event!

3. Trade Show Booth Mockup


Front view mockup template of a trade show/exhibition booth. A straight backdrop display, a rollup banner ad and a podium on a studio background. Upload your own designs onto the placeholders and easily preview how your brand would look like on a trade show scene setup.

4. Trade Show Desk Mockup


Your time to shine! Preview your designs for a a trade show booth. A 3D online mockup template featuring a popup banner display and a podium stand. Upload your own logo designs or full size custom images designed for a trade show. Use the studio background or turn off the layer and export the scene as a transparent PNG.

5. Trade Show Backdrop Mockup


An online mockup template for previewing your popup display background for a trade show booth. A curved tension fabric billboard stand on a studio background scene with LED lights. Upload your own image or logo and choose a color for the stand to match your design.

6. Square Backdrop Mockup


Angled view of a square exhibition stand backdrop. Make a 3D mockup and showcase how your brand will look like in a trade show fair. Upload your logo or message and customize the colors of the scene to match your style.

7. Wide Backdrop Mockup


Is your brand visible in the real world? Do you attend exhibitions and trade shows? An mockup template for making a 3D advertising backdrop scene with your logo design or image. A customizable pop up presentation screen with projector lights. Upload your own image to the backdrop, and change the color of the background to create a custom scene to fit your brand.

8. Exhibition Backdrop Mockup


Online mockup template featuring a straight popup advertising display. Preview your large billboard display backdrop for an exhibition and trade show booth. This is your face to the world – how will it look like? A great way to preview your branding design for a trade fair with a simple 3D mockup.

9. Trade Show Booth Mockup


It’s important to make your brand visible, or else how will anyone notice your amazing product? An online mockup template for showcasing and testing out your trade show and exhibition booth designs. A mockup scene featuring a curved tension fabric pop up display backdrop, a podium with a wooden board and two rollup banner advertisements on the sides. Easily upload your own designs onto the placeholders and see how your brand would look like.

10. Trade Show Desk Mockup


A mockup template for previewing your trade show booth design. A fabric popup banner backdrop and a podium standing on a gray studio background. Upload your eye catching designs and showcase how will you grab the attention at the exhibition. An online trade show display mockup generator – no Photoshop needed today!

11. Exhibition Tablecloth Mockup


Even if you’re not a magician, you can still use this tablecloth mockup template for showcasing your brand visuals or logo. The 3D template features a large tablecloth on a studio background scene.

12. Tablecloth Mockup Template


Drag and drop your image onto this tablecloth mockup and showcase how your brand would look like on a trade show. You can also easily change color of the tablecloth and background to match your brand style.

13. Tablecloth Mockup Template


Standing out at trade shows or events like farmers market is important for attracting new customers! Use this tablecloth mockup for previewing your ideas before printing the design.

14. Exhibition Rollup Banner Mockup


Roll up your sleeves and your banner stand, time to showcase your advertising designs! An online mockup generator template with a roll up advertising banner standing on a gray studio background. Turn off the background layer if you wish to use the mockup with a white or transparent background.

15. Three Rollup Banners Mockup


3 roll up stand posters isolated on a white background. Showcase your outdoor or exhibition or advertisements designs. Online mockup for roll up banner ad designs.

16. Rollup Stands on Hallway Mockup


Don’t you hate it when someone completely blocks the road with advertisements? This is the digital version of it! 2 rollup banner display stands in the middle of a hallway. A mockup template for showcasing your advertising stand designs. Upload a separate image for the left and right stand and preview your banner images in a realistic scene.

17. Woman Looking at Rollup Banner


Must be an interesting advertisement if it got the attention of this attractive lady! A roll-up banner stand mockup template with a woman dressed in black looking at the advertising. Upload your own design onto the stand. Customize the color of the background or export the scene as a transparent PNG.

18. Man Looking at Rollup Banner


How do you design an advertisement that people actually look at? This mockup is designed for a banner that caught the attention of this businessman. A creative rollup banner stand mockup generator template with a businessman and banner isolated on a white background.

19. Exhibition Rollup Banner Mockup


Want to showcase your banner stand advertising designs? With this double mockup you can preview your banner design with a simple and minimal style. 2 banners standing on a light gray studio background.

20. Trade Show Digital Screen Mockup


Mockup template of a woman presenting a landscape iPad tablet screen. Place your image onto the device screen and showcase your online application or web service. Create a beautiful mockup in seconds and use it to promote your product or service on your website or social media channels.


Participating at a trade show always requires a lot of planning. These mockups will help you quickly validate your ideas.

Whatever your industry, there are always quite a few big events across the country, where you can see latest products and discover new services… so grab a mockup and get ready for the next trade show – it’s your chance to get your product out there!

If you think we’re missing some important mockups from this category, be sure to let us know and our designers will get right on it!