37 Creative Book Cover Design Templates


When it comes to making a book cover design, then creativity is what most people are after. I mean a boring cover could mean a boring book right?

We all know that’s not true 🙂 however a creative cover design will make a good book even better.

Scroll through this collection of creative cover design and see if there’s anything you like – you can easily reuse any of the templates and customize the text or simply view this gallery as a source of inspiration for your own cover idea.

For a complete list of all cover design templates, check out entire Book Cover Maker category.

NB: if you’re still in the process of writing your book, be sure to check out this guide by Jerry Jenkins on how to Write a Book from Start to Finish.

1. Motivational Book Cover Design


A creative book cover design template featuring a man breaking a big rock in half – illustrate your self help or business book related with becoming strong and successful.

2. Gone with the Night – Book Cover Design


Use this beautiful book cover design template for illustrating your novel or story. A sea background and a woman with wind blowing her hair.

3. Touch of Cold Book Cover Template


A horror themed book cover design template featuring a hand submerged in cold water. Insert your own title and make a horror book cover for your story.

4. Upside Down Dreams Book Cover Design


Use this beautiful cover design template for illustrating your fictional novel or adventure story. A nature scenery with upside down forest. Insert your own title and make a classic mystery or science fiction book cover for your writing.

5. Mountains of Lies Book Cover Design


A mystical book cover design template featuring a woman blending into the sky over a monochrome background. A great cover template for illustrating a book about love, romance, lies or deep secrets.

6. Under the Grey Book Cover Design Template


A creative book cover design template featuring a man and jungle image blending – use it to showcase your mystery or thriller novel. Replace the text with your own title and make a catchy book cover in seconds.

7. Finding Grace Book Cover Template


A book cover design template featuring a mysterious woman and clock face design elements. Insert your own title and illustrate your story or novel.

8. Nightmare in Dreams Book Cover Design


Make a mystical cover design for your book – a design template featuring a violet nightmare graphic and scary background. Use this template to illustrate your horror or sci-fi novel.

9. Urban City Dreams Book Cover Template


A creative and fictional book cover design template featuring a eyeball with the city composition. Illustrate your book related with science fiction or aliens.

10. Online Sales eBook Cover Design


Enough with the fictional covers? Are you an online sales guru? Do you know how to sell your content online? Use this cover illustration for making a book cover for your ecommerce and internet related book.

11. Blue Orange Book Cover Design


Use this beautiful cover template for illustrating your ebook. A blue color theme with yellow orange – illustrate your social interaction and motivational book. Insert your own title and make a catchy book cover for your story.

12. Futuristic Book Cover Design Template


A creative and fictional book cover design template featuring a woman sitting on a wooden dock and mystical shapes coming out from the fog. Illustrate your book related with science fiction or aliens.

13. Freedom Soldier Book Cover Design Template


A creative book cover design featuring a modern soldier blending into a USA flag. Use this template for illustrating your book related with war or fight against terrorism.

14. Urban Novel Book Design Template


Make a fascinating book cover with this template featuring a man standing hands in his pockets on a modern city background. Insert your own title and make professional city themed book cover in seconds.

15. Romance Book Cover Design Template


A creative love and romance themed book cover design featuring a man standing on a cliff and a face of a woman blending into the sky.

16. Storm Eyes Book Cover Design Template


Use this cover design template for illustrating your book related with a storm or tornado of emotions. The cover features a tornado with the eyes of a woman blending into the sky.

17. Spiritual Book Cover Design Maker


Spiritual and Survival Book Cover template featuring a woman standing on a rock in front of a big lake. Illustrate a book or article related with spiritual topics.

18. Conspiracy Book Cover Design


Use this cover design template for illustrating your book related with solving a big mystery or uncovering a secret. A blending image of a standing man on a green maze background.

19. Blue Ocean Themed Book Cover Design


A creative book cover template featuring a boat with fisherman and blue deep water beneath. Replace the text with your own title and illustrate your book related with a mystical water or ocean themed cover.

20. Running Book Cover Design Template


Use this creative template for making a cover for your book related with exercise, jogging and staying healthy. A template featuring a man running on a sky and clouds background.

21. Gym Exercise Book Cover Design


A book cover design featuring a man doing pull ups on a blurred gym background. Insert your own title and make a sports themed book for your book related with working out, staying fit or going to the gym regularly to train

22. Urban Story Book Cover Design


Make a creative book cover for your story related with city or crime. An urban jungle design featuring an anonymous man wearing a mask on a city background.

23. Romantic Love Story Book Cover Design


Use this pink cover template for illustrating your book about love and romance. Template features a woman holding flowers on a pink background and red title on top.

24. Recipe Book Cover Design


A trendy book cover design with multiple placeholders for images and text. Make your own ebook cover – replace the pictures with your own images and change the titles.

25. Urban Business Book Cover Design


Use this classic cover template for making a business themed ebook. The design features a black and white photo with skyscrapers on a sky background.

26. Mystery Novel Book Cover Design


Add your own title and turn this design template into your own custom book cover for a fiction novel or story. Template features a man with a flashlight looking into the sky on a sea background – that’s some spooky stuff!

27. Dieting & Recipe Book Cover Design


An eBook template for highlighting your keto diet and fitness related eBook. White and pink texts overlaid with a avocado background. You can change the background image and texts to make it your own style. Use this template to showcase your health and fitness tips.

28. Keto Diet Book Cover Design


Another great cover for a recipe book! Share the latest tips about putting together a perfect diet and staying fit and healthy. A colorful book cover design with 4 image placeholders.

29. Business and Finance Book Cover Design


How to make money? If you know something about it, and you’ve written about it… then don’t hold back and use this cover template for promoting your book or digital ebook guide. Template features a great arrow concept with the economy and markets going up.

30. Gym and Fitness Book Cover Template


If lifting heavy weights is your thing… and you’ve also written a book about it, then this cover template might be a perfect FIT for you! Use this dark gym themed book cover for promoting your sports and exercise related book or guide.

31. Workout and Gym Book Cover Design


If you teach people how to become strong and bulky, then this template might be perfect for your next book cover. Add your own catchy titles, replace the image and make a professional sports and gym themed book cover in minutes

32. Diet and Health Book Cover Design


How to improve mental health or physical disorders with healthy food? If you’re an expert in this subjects, then this template might be perfect for you. Insert your own cover texts and promote your book about nutrition and health.

33. Yoga Book Cover Design Template


Use this book cover design for illustrating your book related with yoga, philosophy and finding the balance in life. A modern cover design with colorful rectangles.

34. Fitness eBook Cover Design


Use this black and white design template for making a sports and fitness related book cover. Close Up shot of a fit person holding a bicycle. A great cover design for stories related with getting fit and staying healthy

35. Marketing Book Cover Design


If you’re into marketing and sales, then this template might be a perfect fit to illustrate your book or article. The example design uses the concept of how to target millennials or young people. A group of young people on a sunset background with a catchy book title on the top.

36. Love Story Book Cover Design


A book cover design for a love story or romance novel. Use this freely for your book cover and edit the title texts. A classic cover design for a love themed story.

37. Running & Workout Book Cover Design


Run to the nearest exit? Not with this template – insert your own texts and make a creative uphill themed book cover for your story. Use it for a sports themed book or illustrate solving problems and achieving success.


Writing a book is a long and difficult process, and even though the cover design is just a small piece of it, then we all know that it’s often used as the only reason for reading a book.

That’s why its extra important to make your cover design look catchy, so it would attract potential readers from the very first moment they see it.

If you didn’t find a suitable book cover design from this list, then don’t let your head down. We’ve got plenty for templates in the book cover templates category which you can further explore.

Be sure to also check out this great article about 100 Most Creative Book Covers from around the world for some instant inspiration.

Do you want to design your own unique book cover from scratch? We won’t stop you! In fact, our Free Design Maker is perfect if you wish to experiment with a new design.

Simply get some inspiration from Pinterest and make a creative design in minutes.

If you already have a book cover design, then you might also want to place it into a beautiful Book Cover Mockup and showcase it to the world. If you’re an author, then our book mockup section could very well be your new favorite website section. With hundreds of book cover mockups to choose from, there’s something for everyone!


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