Best 25 Twitch Offline Banner Templates + Size Guide


Streamers are humans too, so occasionally they go offline…

and that’s what Twitch Offline Banners (also known as Video Player Banners) are all about!

Use this collection of our best Twitch backgrounds for notifying the world that your channel is currently offline, but no worries, as you’ll soon be back to produce some more awesome content.

Each template is easily editable online – you can change the texts, replace colors and add your own background image by using the integrated Unsplash image search.

Need to learn more about setting up your Twitch channel? Visit the official Twitch Help page for more info.

1. Aurora Night Twitch Offline Banner

A beautiful Twitch Offline Banner template featuring a green aurora sky. Suitable for any kind of channel background, simply add your own text.

2. Dark Blue Twitch Offline Banner

Turn off the smoke alarm! This Twitch Offline Banner features a man smoking on the background. Add your own text and contact details.

3. Mystical Green Twitch Offline Banner


A dark and magic themed Twitch Offline Banner template featuring a man with a hoodie holding a burning skull.

4. Mysterious Gamer Twitch Offline Background


A creative and mysterious design featuring a yellow and black theme. Easily make a custom Twitch Offline banner background for your channel.

5. Night Sky Twitch Background

Do gamers and streamers ever sleep? If you do, then use this night themed Twitch banner as your offline background.

6. Urban City Twitch Offline Background


A beautiful urban themed Twitch Offline Banner with a tall building background. Replace the background image and change the color schemes.

7. Skull Twitch Background Template


A stream that never sleeps? A dark Twitch Offline Banner template featuring a hand holding a mysterious skull figure.

8. Motocross Twitch Offline Banner

Decorate your streaming channel with this Twitch Offline Banner template featuring a motocross driver escaping from a war zone.

9. Cat Eyes Twitch Banner Maker

A mystical Twitch Offline Banner template with a cat looking into the camera. I hate when my cat walks on the keyboard! But maybe the cat is the streamer?

10. Racing Twitch Offline Banner Design

Need for stream? Use this car and racing themed design template for making a custom Twitch Offline banner for your streaming account.

11. Blue Moon Twitch Offline Template

Twitch Offline Banner template with a large moon on sea background. If you’re a streamer who isn’t online 24 hours a day, then use this template to show that you are sleeping!

12. Forest Twitch Offline Background


Use this design template for making a forest themed dark Twitch Offline Banner for your gaming channel.

13. TV no signal Twitch Offline Template

Use this classic TV no signal colors bar themed design template for making a creative Twitch Offline Banner for your channel.

14. War Game Twitch Offline Banner

A creative black and white Twitch Offline Banner template with a soldier in a war zone. Now, time to come online and finish this battle!

15. Black and Yellow Twitch Banner

A creative bird and themed Twitch Offline Banner design featuring a black and yellow color scheme.

16. Sphere Lightning Twitch Offline Banner

A blue Twitch Offline Banner template featuring a powerful lightning sphere in the middle.

17. Mystery Gamer Twitch Offline Banner

A mysterious horror themed Twitch Offline Background featuring a man wearing a mask.

18. War Game Twitch Offline Banner

Shoot and kill! A gaming themed Twitch Offline Banner template featuring a soldier and war background with explosions, smoke and a tank.

19. Abstract Fantasy Twitch Offline Background

An abstract fantasy themed Twitch Offline Banner design featuring a small girl sitting in a forest.

20. Soldier Twitch Background

A dark Twitch Offline Banner template with a modern soldier background.

21. War Helicopter Twitch Offline Banner

A gaming and war themed Twitch Offline Banner maker with a helicopter on an explosion background.

22. Underwater Offline Banner for Twitch

Use this water and ocean themed design template for making a Twitch offline banner for your streaming channel.

23. Black and Yellow Beast Twitch Background

A dark themed Twitch Offline background template with a tiger and yellow text.

24. Gamer PC Twitch Background

Use this design template as your Twitch offline Banner. Easily customize and add your own text

25. Abstract Twitch Offline Banner Template

A beautiful and dark space themed Twitch Offline Banner template with blue and purple color scheme.


Did you find a suitable background for your Twitch channel? If not, be sure to visit our entire category of Twitch Templates, as this was only a small collection of our templates.

If you’re looking to create your own Twitch Offline banner from scratch, you can also use our Free Online Design Maker. No signup or login required, simply create your design, and download!

Use this simple guide for getting your Twitch Banner sizes right:

  • Twitch Profile Image Size – 800x800px
  • Twitch Profile Banner Size – 1920x480px
  • Twitch Offline Banner Size – 1920x1080px
  • Twitch Thumbnail Size – 1280x720px
  • Twitch Channel Cover Image – 380x1200px

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