15 Halloween Greeting Designs for Instant Reuse


The All Hallows Eve is upon us soon…

and in addition to trick-or-treating for candy it’s also a popular tradition to say your Halloween greetings on social media.

Here’s a collection of some of our best Halloween themed greeting cards and creative wish cards for Facebook and Instagram.

Easily edit the design you like most, and post it to your social media profile or page for some spooky engagement.

1. Cute Halloween Greeting Banner


This hand-drawn Halloween banner includes a cute pumpkin, bat and ghost character with your message in the middle.

2. Zombie Love Halloween Greeting


Show your love for someone with zombie hands and a heart symbol. NB: the brain and heart have already been eaten by zombies!

3. Jack o Lantern Greeting Card


The good old pumpkin carving tradition… use this design for making a greeting card or an invitation to your event.

4. Slimy Halloween Wishes


A green, slimy and creative Halloween greeting card with brains and eyeballs in a glass jar… yummy (and no added sugar)

5. Creative Halloween Reminder Design


Use this creative iPhone notification themed design for reminding busy people that Halloween is just around the corner.

6. Halloween Fun Fact Maker


This design is perfect for sharing a fun or interesting fact about Halloween.

7. Zombie Halloween Greeting Banner


Hands up who’s dead? A creative zombie and sunset themed design for saying your Halloween greetings.

8. Happy Halloween Banner


Wish everyone a happy Halloween with this classic design featuring a large red moon and bats flying on the background.

9. Spooky Ghosts Halloween Card


Beware of spooky ghosts, oh wait, the’re actually quite cute… until they scare you to death! Add your own text and say your Halloween greetings with a modern design.

10. Funny Skeleton Halloween Greeting Picture


Serve your Halloween wishes with this creative design featuring a skeleton holding his own head on a plate. Add your caption.

11. Happy Halloween Scary Card


A scary Halloween card with a real skull image and red blood background with bones.

12. Halloween Facts Instagram Story


Tell your followers a few interesting facts about Halloween with this Instagram Story template featuring spiders.

13. Spooky Skulls Halloween Greeting Card


A dark Halloween greeting card design with hand drawn skulls in a pile of bones. This must be where Shelob lives…

14. Zombie Love Creative Halloween Greeting


Zombies have feelings too… Use this creative design with a zombie loving someone to death.

15. Zombies Halloween Greeting Card


Halloween is a good time to be dead! All that sugar and candy without gaining extra weight! Use this zombie themed design wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!


So that was it… an entire collection of Halloween greeting card designs without ever mentioning a single Witch!

I hope you found some motivating Halloween content for posting to social media.

If not, be sure to check out these hilarious Halloween Quotes for some more inspiration.

NB: all of the above designs can easily be modified and resized to any format and size you need.

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