15 LinkedIn Post Templates That Look Professional

April 5th 2021
4 minute read

LinkedIn is the biggest professional social networking site in the world with 722 million members in 2021! It’s the place to be to grow your network and position yourself as an expert opinion leader in your sector.

Whether you’re hiring, looking for a job, promoting an event or sharing insights, here are LinkedIn post templates that will make your post look more professional. PS! Posts with images get 200% more engagement.

All templates are fully customizable – change the text, colours and move around icons to personalize your post.

1. Recruitment Template

Hiring LinkedIn Post Template

Are you #hiring? The vacant chair design instantly lets people scrolling know you’re looking for a new employee.

2. Animated Event Promotion

Event Promotion LinkedIn Post

An animated LinkedIn Post template is perfect to promote your online course or business-related event. Edit the text to suit your needs and let the registrations flow!

3. Brexit Blog Article

Brexit LinkedIn Post Maker

Considering even Boris Johnson doesn’t even know everything yet, Brexit will probably be a popular topic for years to come. Use this LinkedIn post template to share your case study, opinion article or insights into the subject.

4. Aviation Article

Aviation LinkedIn Post Maker

Here’s a creative LinkedIn Post template for aviation and travel-related content promotion. Alternatively, you can poke fun at flat Earth conspiracies with a new Cube Earth theory.

5. Business Opportunity Article

Business Opportunity LinkedIn Post

This animated post features a moving escalator leading to the insides of the Earth. Use it to promote your article about new business opportunities and innovative research.

6. Business Strategy Article

Business Strategy LinkedIn Post

A business strategy is like a 1000 piece puzzle. Everything has to fit together just right. Share your expertise on the subject with a template of a businessman solving a very large puzzle.

7. Robotics LinkedIn Post Template

Robotics LinkedIn Post Template

This template is perfect for anything to do with AI, tech or robots. Update the text to reflect the key points of your article and capture readers’ attention.

8. Recruitement Template

We are Hiring LinkedIn Post

Attention! Attention! Announce a vacancy in your team in style. It works for any job post, but especially for those marketing and comms positions.

9. Recruitment Template

Business Hiring LinkedIn Post Template

Are you #hiring for an elite business vacancy? Here’s a creative hiring themed LinkedIn Post with a big hand choosing a businessman.

10. Startup LinkedIn Template

Grow Startup LinkedIn Template

Use this startup-themed template, to promote your top tips for early-stage startups. It also works for tech companies, universities and SMEs. The sky is the limit!

11. Presentation Design

Presentation Invitation LinkedIn Post Design

Introduce the key focus areas of either your business or an event you’re running with this slide-deck style presentation screen. Remember to add your own photo or swap it for a different image. Might be awkward for Kathleen Garison otherwise.

12. Online Course Template

Online Courses LinkedIn Template

Want to attract a large audience to your next event with your next LinkedIn post? Let your audience know exactly what’s waiting ahead on your website. We’ve even added a little spot for a discount incentive.

13. Event Promotion

Online Conference LinkedIn Template

This event promotion LinkedIn template is a great way to highlight the USP of your online event. Add your own values or update the ones on this template to best describe why people should attend.

14. Digital Strategy Article

Digital Strategies LinkedIn Post Template

This template is for those looking for something a bit more sleek and minimal. It works with a huge variety of topics. Nothing is off limits.

15. Event Promotion

Business Article LinkedIn Post Template

Promote your event with this bright and effective template. Personalize it with a photo and text to suit your needs and grab users’ attention!

We hope these templates help grow your engagement, find the right new teammate and get lots of sign-ups for your next event.

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