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New Feature: Pick Color From Scene


Stop guessing what colors you want in your designs…

and pick them directly from the scene!

This new Mediamodifier Design Maker eyedropper feature allows you to pick a color for any text or object, straight from the canvas.

It comes quite handy when you need a perfect color scheme to match with your design.

How to use the eyedropper feature?

1. Select an object: text, shape or icon.

2. Click on the eyedropper icon (this will automatically activate the color picker)


3. Move around the canvas – the color preview will change in live mode.

4. Once you found the perfect color, make a left click. This will confirm your selection and deactivates the color picker.

Good to know!

As already displayed in the header image, you can also color different words (or even letters) separately inside one text block.

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