Web Design Trends You Need To Know About In 2021

July 6th 2020
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If you own a business in today’s world, then owning a business website as well is no longer an option for you.

It has become more of a necessity than an additional feature irrespective of your industry.

Many of your customers would judge the credibility of your business by only going through your website and judging your website design.

This means that it’s not only essential to own a website; the design of your website is as vital as it can help you to either attract more customers or lose more customers.

If you think of the fact that the first contact a prospective customer will have with your business is likely to be your website, you’ll realize how important it is to have a good website design.

This is, in fact, one of the essential steps to win over more traffic and also convince prospects of the product or service that you offer.

Your website has to be very accessible and one that makes it possible for your customers to find what they are looking for with ease. This means that you also have to keep in touch with the latest trends in website design so that your website is not left behind from the rest of the world.

The problem with the website design trend, like with other patterns, is that it’s a trend. This means that it is continually changing and isn’t very stable for an extended period. So, you have to be alert to these trends and try to implement them as they come.

This article will detail some web design trends that you need to know about in 2021, according to Matt Smith, a professional website designer in his online assignment help for his online class.

Trend 1: Dark Mode

Since its introduction by Google in 2019 and its appearance on apps such as Chrome and YouTube, the dark mode has become very popular on many apps. It is not by chance that it is one of the hottest trends in web design. It took the online world by storm when it was first introduced and has continued to trend till now.

This feature is more common on phones and has been replicated on many mobile apps and is something that you have to consider for your website design seriously. This is because some web browsers, including Google chrome, already have this dark mode feature built in them.

So if the user turns on dark mode on their browser, the website also switches to dark mode automatically. Since the dark mode interface is currently the preferred user interface of many, it makes sense to have it on your website. The browser’s dark mode only works on a website if the website supports it. 

The fact many websites don’t have the dark mode feature yet allows you to be one step ahead of others. To emphasize the importance of dark mode, google chrome has a feature called the “Night Eye,” which is meant to make the websites appear dark even if it isn’t optimized for dark mode. Rather than forcing it, your site will look better in dark mode.

Trend 2: 3D Graphics

When asked to explain 3D design in her paper service, creative digital designer Ella Johnson explained that 3D designs are a rising web design trend that increases after effect and makes things smoother and more satisfying. The rise of virtual reality has also aided the popularity of 3D website design graphics. It appears that more people are starting to look for more immersive experiences.

As designers start to move from flat designs, this could affect our choice of colors. The move towards pastel and muted colors from brighter and more vivid colors makes 3D illustrated artwork more effective, as compositions with natural lighting and smooth shadows are created more easily to give a visually appealing appearance.

Trend 3: Minimal Design

Over the years, more people have started to pay more attention to minimalism as their design choice, and it has become a more accessible and long-lasting trend that will continue to prove its worth through 2021 and beyond.

A misconception with minimalist design is that it is annoying. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. You can make use of minimalist design without appearing dull. You can use it in the way that you like, with bright colors, weighty fonts, bold fonts, overlapping sections, etc. just do what suits you and your brand.

Minimalism doesn’t exclude using certain things. What you’re doing is cutting off unnecessary excesses, so that you can create a smooth and precise user experience. So, you’ll be using a lot of white spaces, while focusing on functions and forms so that you don’t overwhelm your website visitors. 

Like with many writing services, you can use bold and large fonts, animations, black background to contrast bright colors while keeping a minimal design that is easy to navigate.

Another reason why you want to adopt minimal design is that it helps with loading speeds, which is an essential factor for ranking websites.

Trend 4: AI and Voice Interaction

Statistics show that 65% of people between the age of 25 and 49 years use devices that require voice command at least once every day. The way people interact with online brands is continuing to change, and screens are becoming less of a necessity. The combination of voice interactions and voice searches with Artificial Intelligence technologies is already revolutionizing the way people go about navigating the web.

With the invention of AI, people now expect that websites offer them a higher degree of personalization and also give suggestions that are more precise and accurate for the products, film, music, and so on that they need. Typical examples of these are Amazon and Netflix, suggesting stuff to their users based on choices that they’ve made.

To meet up with this trend, there are two essential things that you have to adopt. The first thing is to make your website optimized for voice search. The second thing is to embrace artificial intelligence. To get started with this trend, these are a few steps that you have to take:

  • Make use of a natural, conversational language such as contractions, simple sentences, and questions.
  • Make important information such as your home page or contact info accessible to google.
  • Target more long-tail keywords.
  • Mix up short-form and long-form content on your website.
  • Pay attention to the loading speed of your website pages.

All of these would optimize your website for voice search, but you also have to adopt the use of AI. The combination of AI and UX will always give a magical result as they’re both designed to study and understand the behavior of humans and offer natural and useful solutions to them.

You might think it’s a challenge to adopt AI on your website, but it isn’t, and it provides your users with a premium experience. With AI, you can offer a personalized experience to your website users. 


Irrespective of the industry you’re in, you need a website that can help you relate with your customers in the best possible ways. This means that you have to be up to date with the latest website design trend. This makes your website more relatable, and you’re not left out from the rest of the internet world.

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