{ "_id": "622250f02613e83aa6b73fdd", "status": "active", "description": "Hand-drawn vector collection of all the most popular social media icons. Features unique style illustrations with colorful and outline versions of each logo. ", "tags": [ "social media", "svg social media", "svg social media pack", "vector social media icons", "social media icons vector", "svg collection social media", "social media hand drawn icons", "social media sketch icons", "sketch", "hand drawn" ], "owner": "6076cde22bd2fc48950aa59e", "title": "Social Media Sketch", "dateCreated": "2029-03-27T17:48:32.408Z", "__v": 0, "image": { "_id": "6222520b21c5652cdc654127", "hidden": false, "type": "image", "extension": "jpeg", "user": "6076cde22bd2fc48950aa59e", "dateCreated": "2022-03-04T17:53:15.433Z", "__v": 0 }, "slug": "Social-Media-Sketch", "imageURL": "https://assets.mediamodifier.com/media/6222520b21c5652cdc654127/full.jpeg" }

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