Choose the Easy Way to Create
And Edit Your Own Videos Online

Mediamodifier makes the process of creating your own videos online
as simple as a few mouse clicks! Use our online browser-based video creator
to make promotional videos, add text to video or create simple social media ads.

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How to Create a Video Online?

You don't need previous video editing experience, professional design skills
or complicated video tools. With the Mediamodifier Video Maker anyone can get started
with producing engaging video content in a simple and intuitive online editor.

1. Choose Video Size

Start by choosing the size for your new video. Don't worry - we have predefined
sizes for all popular video formats, so making the choice is easy. You can also
use your existing video footage as background or select from a collection
of thousands of free stock videos.

2. Add Text or Graphics

This is the fun part of our online video editor as the entire canvas is your playground. Easily add text, symbols, emojis or pictures on top of your video or combine multiple videos into one clip. Drop in all the visuals you need and easily create a promotional video for your product, brand or idea.

3. Download and Share

Download your completed video as MP4 and publish it to your favorite social media platform or website to engage more viewers. You can also easily resize the video to different dimensions so it will perfectly fit into to your favorite video platform. Make small video thumbnails or export full HD size video.

Video is the New King
of Online Marketing

Words have the power to change the world, but videos are pure magic. If you're still not using video
in your online marketing strategy, then it's time to rethink your plans - you don't want to be left behind!
Video content is surging on social media platforms and there's a simple reason why.

video marketing maker

It's easy to scroll past a boring and static image, but with a video, you'll never know what's going to happen next!
Even if people don't directly click on your video on social media, they'll almost certainly stop the feed scroll for a
few seconds just to see what your video is about, giving your content more impressions.

Video is Everywhere -
The Rise of Short Online Videos

It's the golden age of short and engaging video content, which is proved by the tremendous rise of
TikTok and also short video formats like Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

short online video maker

Use Mediamodifier to make super fast edits to your video and instantly upload the video
to Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

Engage your audience with funny memes, make simple YouTube advertising videos,
or post videos with text captions to Instagram. Start small and steadily build
your own video content flow - higher engagement rates are guaranteed!

Get Started with Ready-Made
Video Banners & Animated Templates

Choose a template you like and add your own content in minutes.
It's the easiest way to create engaging and eye catchy content
for your social channels and marketing campaigns.

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Use These Handy Features
of the Free Online Video Editor

You don't need the complex features of After Effects to make simple
videos online. With our free online video editor, you can easily create
social media or promo videos and add text to video in no time.
Let's look at the the small but nifty features of our tool.

  • add text to video online
  • Easily Add Text, Graphics or Watermarks to Your Videos Online

    Simply drag and drop your existing video and easily overlay it with text, shapes, icons, captions or PNG images. This way you can create informative videos with text captions, or creative content with image overlays. Use it to build visually engaging content or add watermarks to your videos with blazing fast speed.

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  • Merge or Combine Multiple Video Files and Create a Video Collage Online

    Easily make video collages and mix together multiple or different video file types into one single video. Simply move, resize and arrange the video layers on the canvas and make creative video collages or effects such as Mirror a Video. Supported file types: MP4, MOV and WebM(+transparency)

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  • merge combine video files online
  • animated video backgrounds
  • Choose from Beautiful Video Templates and Thousands of Animated Video Backgrounds

    Making a simple promotional video online or a catchy social media clip has never been easier. Choose from a variety of beautiful ready-made templates which will save you time and effort. Insert your own content, replace the text and get your video marketing started in no time.

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  • Create an Engaging or Funny Meme in Minutes and Spark Interest

    Who doesn't love memes? With Mediamodifier your can easily create your own video or regular meme in no time. Use a ready-made meme template and replace the video or text with your own content. You can also start from blank and design an amusing meme for your audience.

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  • free meme maker online
  • online video maker app
  • Speed and Security Matters - The Video Maker Works Locally, not in the Server

    None of your content is uploaded to our servers! All the editing and the entire video making process takes places right in the browser of your device. This makes it super fast and secure to create a video online, because you don't have to worry about privacy or long upload times.

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Let's Make a Video?

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Launch the video app and enjoy effortless video creation.

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