15 Best Free Handwriting Fonts

April 9th 2020
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Fonts play an important role in a brand’s typography design, but choosing the the best handwriting font can be tricky.

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Concerning web fonts, should you use a Google handwriting font, more adept for web text and design?

How do you make your brand easily readable while conveying its uniqueness? 

Using the right adds to a brand’s individuality in some way. 

Designers, social media influencers, e-commerce stores, and digital marketing managers favor handwriting fonts because of their ability to help impact their brand message.

So, Mediamodifier has selected our customers’ top, not-to-be-missed handwriting fonts in 2021.

What is a handwriting font?

A handwriting font is a particular size, weight, and style of typography, in which the font is synonymous with how the handwriting style appears in digital mediums.

Top Google Free handwriting fonts

Google Fonts offers both plenty of variety and cons at the same time. Designed to be functional and readable, they sometimes lack some panache when using them for a brand’s individual style. 

Here are our 15 favorite handwriting fonts.

1. Berkshire Swash

Berkshire Swash is a traditional, yet somewhat classy font. The serifs have charming yet subtle flourishes. The readability is surprisingly clear, although the thicker glyphs are best suited to more significant headlines, and at larger sizes. The thick strokes are pretty impactful while remaining subdued yet considered.

2. Waiting for the Sunrise

Waiting for the Sunrise is a versatile font, with readability being pretty high at any size level. The varying stroke widths give some personality, perfect for shorter headlines and paragraphs.

3. Yellowtail

Yellowtail is reminiscent of the older, 1930s handwritten sign fonts. Its right-leaning style means it is only suited for right-to-left (RTL) web languages. Plus, it’s thick strokes make it a tough body copy to read, so best keep for large headlines. 

4. Qwigley

Qwigley has some enormous flourishes and variations in its stroke widths, meaning the script is excellent for those within arty, creative industries. It’s fun, yet subtle, and pairs well with a smaller, more narrow sans serif font.

5. Stalemate

Stalemate is a creative script font with considerable variation in the stroke widths. Unlike Qwigley, the design is not so art inspired yet more for writers.

6. Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker is a nonsense font. It is used for more robust aesthetics or a lighter tone. Permanent Marker compliments a narrow, small sans serif font. It also tilts RTL, yet unlike Yellowtail is not so hard to scan, making it ideal for punchier text.

7. Oleo Script

Oleo Script appears to be a favorite of our customers, and it is easy to see why. With both upper and lower case variations, a solid-looking font and bodes well with most industries. Strokes are deep yet not overbearing, have a minor tilt presenting a good all-round classy and mature font. 

8. Niconne

Niconne has excellent readability, minimal decoration and can be used at various parts of an online website. Its smooth flow as a small tilt, adding some elegance to the topography.

9. Rock Salt

Brash, bold, messy, this is Rock Salt. Despite its relatively thin strokes and scribbling effect, Rock Salt makes for ideal headlines and subheadings of an influencer, a blogger, or an online shop selling some serious attitude.

10. Short Stack

Occasionally, you need a childish font. Short Stack is a spacious, no-nonsense style with high readability. Perfect for those websites that need bright, concise, and distinct lettering, like those in teaching, education, or children’s toys, appealing to a younger demographic.

11. Chewy

Chewy strikes a delicate balance of fun, energy, without being too childish. Its handwriting font characteristics are highly readable at all sizes. Chewy is more condensed, with close spacing and tiny letters to be more functional.

12. Pompiere

Pompiere is a low contrast condensed serif font, it’s functional, versatile, readable, and succinct. The subtle variation in the strokes gives a light natural and natural appearance. The beauty of this Google handwriting font is that it works as both large and small headlines and in the body copy. 

13. Arizonia

Mature, classy, containing some sweeping strokes, welcome to the Arizonia font. This sturdy font is perfect for large headlines but not so good for small text, as it can be challenging to read.  

14. League Script 

League Script is a delicate and elegant font, making it a classic choice for those in the wedding, events, and flower industries.

15. Mrs. Sheppard 

Mrs. Sheppard is a homage to inter-war New York. It is both readable and impactful. With its wild strokes, it’s ideal for businesses that offer classical greeting cards and gifts.

Know of any other handwriting fonts that should be added to our list? Let us know in the comments!

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