How to Fix a Frozen Screen on Mediamodifier

August 6th 2021
2 minute read

We sometimes get asked “HELP! My screen froze while I was creating a design. What do I do?” Screen freezing problems won’t go anywhere so here’s how you fix the situation.  

First of all, stay calm! 

A frozen screen most likely means that for some reason your computer together with our software could not handle the load and the browser has stopped responding. This could have happened because of a very large image, vector or video file.

Wait & save

The best thing to do is wait a few seconds (or more) to see if the browser will be able to regain itself. 

Don’t be like this guy: 

Freak Out Reaction GIF by Robert E Blackmon - Find & Share on GIPHY
Gif created by Robert E Blackmon via Giphy

In many situations, it’s possible that the tool still works, but very, very slowly. If you’re lucky, then you’ll be able to save your design or mockup (described in the next question) before closing the browser and losing your work.

How to avoid it

If you find your page freezing on more than one occasion, try using design elements and visuals with smaller resolution or size. Some of our tools use the computing power of your device (and not our server) so a computer with lower specs could be one cause. 

Save your work frequently 

You’ve probably heard this about Word documents, Photoshop and anything else that doesn’t have autosave. But repetition is the mother of all wisdom. To avoid any unwarranted surprises, save your designs frequently so if something does happen, head to the “My Designs” section and continue where you left off. You can find this in the “My profile” menu at the top right corner. 

Let us know about the issue

If you ever get a frozen screen error in Mediamodifier, be sure to notify our customer support about the issue, where and how this happened – only then can we investigate the issue and solve the problem better, so it won’t repeat. 

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