10 Instant Jigsaw Puzzle Mockups


Creating a jigsaw puzzle effect with your image won’t get any easier than this…

by using our instant & online mockup templates, you can create any kind of puzzle mockups, including landscape, portrait, square, round and even a puzzle box mockup with just a click of a button.

So let’s jump right in, and see if we can find a template for you:

Landscape Jigsaw Mockup


Mockup for a landscape jigsaw puzzle viewed from a 3D angle. Instantly turn any image or design into a jigsaw puzzle concept.

Landscape Puzzle Mockup Generator


Mockup template featuring perspective 3D view of a jigsaw puzzle with scattered pieces. Upload your image for an instant 3D puzzle effect.

Portrait Puzzle Mockup


3D perspective view mockup of a class portrait jigsaw puzzle with a few pieces scrambled around. Upload your image for an instant puzzle effect online.

Top View Landscape Puzzle Mockup


Top view mockup featuring a landscape / horizontal jigsaw puzzle with a few pieces scrambled.

Top View Portrait Puzzle Mockup Generator


Mockup generator for a portrait / vertical style jigsaw puzzle with scrambled pieces.

Square Puzzle Mockup


3D perspective view of a square jigsaw puzzle. Drop your design onto the placeholder to make an instant 3D puzzle with your image. Customize the color of the puzzle pieces and the background. (or make it transparent)

Top View Square Puzzle Mockup


Use this mockup template for creating an instant jigsaw puzzle effect to your image. The template features top view square puzzle lying on a solid color surface.

Top View Round Puzzle Mockup


Add an instant 3D jigsaw puzzle effect to your image with this online mockup template. Drag and drop your image onto the placeholder and create an instant puzzle mockup for a round jigsaw. Forget Photoshop, creating a round puzzle mockup with this template is just too easy!

3D Jigsaw Puzzle Image Effect


3D puzzle image effect on a wooden desk background. Create a 3D puzzle effect to any image online. Turn off the background for a transparent PNG version.

3D Heart Puzzle Online Image Effect


Ready for Valentines Day? Create a heart shaped 3D Jigsaw puzzle effect online. Upload your image and instantly preview the results. Great template for illustrating love or a relationship.

Easy as Drag and Drop…

With the Mediamodifier mockup templates, creating your images is easy as dragging and dropping… simply drop your image right onto the placeholder and create a mockup in seconds.

No Photoshop is needed in the online version (however the PSD version for each template is also available too)

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