28 Best Menu and Table Talker Mockups

March 11th 2020
9 minute read

Feeling hungry for a menu mockup? These templates might help you, because we don’t want you to turn into Betty White?

From small table talkers, folding stands to classic full size menu mockups and even digital menus, this list includes a variety of templates of all kind of menus.

Easily upload your own design into a placeholder, as the mockups are all part of the online mockup generator, or as a premium member, each design is also downloadable as a Photoshop PSD template.

So Bon Appétit… scroll down and see which mockup is most suitable for your menu design!

1. Menu on Desk Mockup


What’s cooking tonight? An menu mockup template for previewing your menu design on a wood desk next to a fork and knife. This template made me think about food… see you later!

2. Table Stand Menu Mockup


and today’s special deal is… a mockup featuring a half turned view of a table talker on a gradient studio background – that sounds delicious, I’ll have fries with that too! Showcase your creative menu or a special deal design for a bar, restaurant or cafe table.

3. Restaurant Menu Mockup


Place your design into this menu mockup and showcase your menu design in a realistic outdoor restaurant scene. The template features an A4 menu lying on a desk.

4. Tall Standing Menu Mockup


A mockup template featuring two tall table talkers on a wood surface background. Showcase all the 3 sides of your print design. Simply click on each of the placeholders to get started and display your food or beverage related menu or offer design.

5. Menu in Hand Mockup


Is your fridge empty? Put on some decent clothes and head over to the nearest restaurant! A mockup template featuring a man holding a vertical menu in hand on a restaurant/bar background. Upload your own menu and showcase your design. Use the default background or export the image as transparent PNG.

6. Wide Folding Table Menu


Preview your creative print design with this mockup featuring a landscape triangle table talker/calendar on a gradient studio background. Show off your restaurant menu, a special offer deal or use the template for displaying a desk calendar design. Upload your own image and customize the background color to match your branding style.

7. Woman Holding Menu Mockup


I’m starving! I’ll take the menu mockup please! For here or to go? Here please! Yes that’s correct! No need to use Photoshop at home if you can customize this mockup anywhere with an internet connection. Have a menu design you want to showcase? Look no further, this mockup is perfect for displaying your summer themed food menu.

8. Tall Table Talker Menu


Front view of a triangle & tall table mockup isolated over a solid background color. Turn off the background for a transparent PNG table mockup. Upload your own print artwork and showcase your restaurant menu, table card or special promotional offer.

9. Menu on Kitchen Desk Mockup

Feeling hungry? This depends on the menu design! An online mockup template for showcasing a restaurant or cafe food menu design. A blank menu paper lying on a wood table next to green salad leafs and a big kitchen knife.

10. Menu in Wood Holder Mockup


Time to showcase your artwork! Use this template for displaying your print designs with portrait layout. Front view of a blank card standing on a wooden easel with soft shadows over a solid color background. A minimal 3D scene for making your design stand out. Make a showcase of your wedding card, invitation, birthday, greeting card or poster and flyer… this blank canvas can really be used for any image.

11. Food Menu App Mockup


What a delicious iPhone! Would you like fries with that? A creative mockup template for showcasing your content on an iPhone XS which is lying on a wooden table next to a fork and knife. Display your culinary and food related website, application or mobile menu design. Bon appétit!

12. Portrait Table Talker Mockup


A blank paper standing in a wooden card holder with soft background shadows. A multipurpose mockup that can be used for any print designs such as a poster and flyer or greeting card and invitation. Easily upload your own image with 2 clicks and make your design pop. The template is also suitable for food menu design mockups or wedding table number cards.

13. 3D Table Menu Stand Mockup

You have the design, we have the mockup! A perfect template for showcasing your portrait print designs. A portrait card standing in a wooden card holder. Use the mockup for displaying a postcard, wedding invitation, flyer or event poster, there really are no limits here. You can also customize the background color to match your design colors or brand style

14. Food Order App Mockup


Do you know the recipe for this meal? A mockup template featuring top view of an iPhone XS lying on wood table with a fork and knife next to it. A great template for displaying your application or website related with food, cooking or nutrition.

15. Wedding Menu Card Mockuo

Easels are used for holding pieces of art, so don’t wait any longer and upload your own design. A beautiful mockup template featuring a portrait card standing on a small wooden easel on a blurred wedding table background. A great template for showcasing a wedding invitation card design or one of those decorated table numbers, so people won’t get lost at the wedding!

16. Wooden Table Stand Menu


Even if you’re not Picasso, then you might find this mockup template useful for displaying your print design artwork. Half turned side view of a portrait layout paper standing on a wooden easel. Use the mockup for showcasing a postcard, invitation and letter design or use it for bigger designs like flyers, posters or paintings.

17. Square Table Stand Card Mockup


Tired of all those rectangular cards? Here’s a mockup with a square card standing on a wooden holder with soft shadows on the background. A realistic and minimal mockup for showcasing your square invitation or greeting card designs without distracting backgrounds. The template is also suitable for a menu, table talker or wedding seating plan designs

18. Tall Table Talker Menu Offer

Table talkers and menus – the only entertainment while waiting for your food before the smartphone age! A mockup generator featuring 2 tall standing table talkers over an isolated solid color background. Showcase your design for a menu or special combo food and beverage deal of the day and get that drool dripping from hunger!

19. Square Table Offer Menu Mockup


A mockup template for adding a bit of life into a flat print design and making a 3D preview. Half turned view of a square card standing in a wooden card holder. A minimal 3D scene with soft shadows and a solid color background. Use the template for showcasing a greeting card, wedding invitation, menu design or a flyer.

20. Fast Food Daily Offer Menu


Show a menu design with this mockup featuring a table talker menu standing on a restaurant table. Display your print design for a bar or restaurant table talker and show off your design skills… or food cravings.

21. Table Talkers on Wood Stage

Make your table talk with this mockup generator featuring 2 standing table talkers on a wooden table and blurred background. Showcase a menu design or a special offer at a restaurant, cafe or bar. Now… who’s gonna pay the bill?

22. Folding Table Menu Mockup


Use this tall standing table talker mockup generator to display your print design for a restaurant menu card or promotional offer. A classic standing paper card standing over a gradient studio background. Easily upload your own image with 2 clicks and edit the color of the background to match your branding.

23. Tall Table Talker Menu Mockup


A mockup template featuring a tall standing table talker isolated over a solid color background. Display a print design for your table menu or promotion offer design. Don’t just stand there… upload your design onto this stand, click on the placeholders to get started!

24. Wide Table Card on Wood Holder

Showcase your landscape print designs with this 3D mockup featuring a blank card in a wooden holder. You can easily customize the solid color background or export the scene as a transparent PNG. Perfect for displaying a greeting card for christmas, a wedding invitation or a table number decoration card.

25. Table Card on Wood Holder Mockup


Have a landscape card design you want to showcase? This template is already waiting for you! Front view of a landscape card in a wooden card holder with soft shadows. Easily change the color of the card and background and make a uniquely branded design scene. Use the template for showcasing a wedding invitation or table number, letter or postcard, birthday greeting card or whatever you like… we won’t judge you!

26. Two Table Talkers Mockup

A mockup featuring two standing menu table talkers on a wooden background surface. Upload your own design and preview your print design for sharing offers, promotions or desk menus.

27. Folding Table Card Mockup


A mockup featuring a landscape table talker/desk calendar on a gradient studio background. Table talkers are most often used in pubs, restaurants, bars, banks or showrooms – what’s your profession?

28. Wedding Menu Card Mockup

Have you ever been lost at a wedding? That’s why we need table numbers to guide us! Here’s a template for showcasing your design idea for a wedding table number. A portrait card standing in a metal card holder on a decorated desk and flowers background. A romantic scene for displaying your wedding related print designs.


Well I hope the service was good! The waiter won’t be expecting a tip but if you ever use any of the mockups then be sure to remember the chef who cooked these templates in Photoshop!

Whether you’re designer looking to showcase your work to a client or simply wish to promote your new menu design as the owner of a restaurant, bar or diner – then these templates will quickly help you visualize your concept!

Need a menu design to put into these mockups? Use our online design maker and easily create your own menu in our intuitive online graphic design tool.

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