30 Best Poster Mockup Templates

March 6th 2020
9 minute read

Good poster design is no joke, it’s almost a real science and it also has a very long history, but once you already have your design, you probably need a mockup to showcase it?

Use this collection of our best poster mockups to find yourself a suitable template – easily drag and drop your image onto the placeholder and make a poster mockup in seconds as a part of our online mockup generator.

Don’t worry, if mockup generators are not your thing, then each mockup is also available as a Photoshop PSD template.

1. 3D Poster Mockup


Use this poster mockup template for creating a 3D scene with A5 or A4 paper size flyer or advertisement. Add a different image for the middle, left and right or use the same for all three views. Promote your new event flyer or showcase your design artwork with a simple yet effective mockup.

2. Poster Frame Mockup


Showcase your poster or flyer design with this mockup template featuring a black portrait frame leaning against a white stone wall background. A perfect mockup scene for showcasing your poster and print designs.

3. Hanging Poster Mockup


A large paper hanging with paper clips on a white brick wall background. This mockup is perfectly suitable for a portrait A4 A3 A2 print artwork designs. Showcase your event invitations, outdoor ads or flyers.

4. Large Poster Against Wall


This mockup features a large portrait paper, leaning against a grunge black and white brick background. Create a realistic mockup of your designs: drawings, posters or flyers and showcase paintings, art or your best photography shots.

5. Poster on Wood Stand Mockup


Time to showcase your artwork with style! Use this template for displaying your print designs with portrait layout. Front view of a blank card standing on a wooden easel with soft shadows over a solid color background. A minimal 3D scene for making your design stand out.

6. Hanging Paper Poster Mockup


A portrait paper with A4, A3 or A2 dimensions hanging with paper clips. A minimal mockup for showcasing your images: print artwork, outdoor ads, flyers or photographs.

7. Poster on Wood Stand Mockup


Make your card design come alive with this Facebook 3D Photo Template featuring a portrait postcard standing on a wooden stage. Upload your design, download the depth map and let Facebook do the rest of the magic

8. Wall Poster Mockup


Showcase your print artwork with this mockup of a portrait image frame on a cabinet table and leaning on a wall. Add a nice portrait shot, an event poster or a picture of your ex? Click on the placeholder and upload your own image with one click. Uploading is easy… choosing is hard!

9. Poster Hanging on Wall Mockup


A large poster paper in A4, A3 or A2 format hanging with paper clips on a brick wall background. A good template for showcasing your print artwork designs or photographs. Instantly create a realistic poster effect on your image online.

10. Man Holding A3 Poster Mockup


A pure classic mockup – businessman in gray suit holding a large portrait view A3 poster paper in hands. Upload your own flyer or banner image and advertise your print design.

11. Businessman Holding A3 Poster Mockup


Businessman in gray suit holding a large vertical Paper with A2 dimensions. Great for generating previews of your poster or flyer designs. Turn off the background for a transparent PNG version.

12. Poster on Wood Stand


A blank paper standing in a wooden card holder with soft background shadows. A multipurpose mockup that can be used for any print designs such as a poster and flyer or greeting card and invitation. Easily upload your own image with 2 clicks and make your design pop. The template is also suitable for food menu design mockups or wedding table number cards

13. 3D Poster Mockup


Large A4, A2 or A3 vertical poster paper leaning against a gray wall with realistic 3D shadow effects. Perfect mockup template for displaying your artwork: print templates, flyers, poster, canvas paintings or drawings in a minimal 3D scene.

14. Wall Poster in Living Room


Place your own print design or artwork into this mockup featuring a portrait image frame hanging on a home wall. Just sit back, throw your dirty laundry into the basket and click on the placeholder to upload your own image – life is simple with Mediamodifier!

15. Poster on Brick Wall Background


Mockup template of a portrait canvas frame leaning against a brick wall with a tall lamp standing next to it. A perfect scene for showcasing a print design such as poster, flyer, canvas art, drawing or sketch. Put your design in the spotlight and add your picture into this scene with 2 clicks.

16. Urban Poster Mockup


Preview your outdoor advertising design with this mockup template featuring an urban advertisement on a utility box and a bicycle next to it. Display how your ad would look like in the real world and pitch your design idea to a boss or client… and whatever you do, please don’t try to steal the bike, it’s locked!

17. Outdoor Street Poster Mockup


Advertisement poster mockup featuring a portrait image on an underground street wall and people passing by. Use this mockup to showcase an advertisement design idea or a print design such as poster, flyer or banner.

18. Poster Frame Mockup


Mockup template featuring a portrait photo frame on a wooden white wall background and a cactus plant next to it. Make a beautiful display of your print artwork or showcase a great photography shot. You know what they say, when life gives you a cactus… make mockups!

19. Home Wall Poster Mockup


This mockup is guarded by an angry (or sleepy) dog. A mockup template featuring a large portrait canvas frame hanging on a home wall with a dog below it in a large nest. Display your canvas artwork or a print design for decorating a home wall. A realistic scene for previewing and advertising your design. Woof!

20. Standing Poster Mockup


This minimal poster mockup scene features a portrait paper leaning against a wall and a green leaf next to it. The simple layout puts your design right in the spotlight with no distractions.

21. Home Wall Poster Mockup


Mockup template featuring a portrait black image frame hanging on a living room wall above the couch. At least it’s a soft landing on all those pillows. Upload your own print design such as as poster, flyer, banner or display your photography and painting artwork – it’s all upto you!

22. Horizontal Poster Mockup


Have a landscape card or poster design you want to showcase? This template is already waiting for you! Front view of a landscape card in a wooden card holder with soft shadows. Use the template for showcasing a wedding invitation or table number, letter or postcard, birthday greeting card or whatever you like… we won’t judge you!

23. Poster Frame on Wall Mockup


Do you have a large poster you wish to showcase? This mockup might come in handy! The template features a large poster frame hanging on a living room wall. Place in your design and see how it would look like in a real life scene.

24. Bedroom Wall Poster Frame Mockup


Mockup template featuring a portrait poster frame hanging on a bedroom wall. Showcase your design for a beautiful print design such as canvas art, poster, flyer or any other design.

25. Landscape Wall Poster Mockup


The living room wall is a boring place, that’s why it’s a good idea to decorate it with some nice pictures or posters. Use this landscape poster mockup template for previewing your design idea just above the couch.

26. Large Wall Poster Mockup


Mockup featuring a very large portrait poster frame hanging on a bedroom wall. A great mockup for showcasing a canvas art design idea in a realistic scene. Click on the placeholder and upload your own image.

27. A3 Poster Mockup


A beautiful mockup template featuring a stack of papers on a gray background. Use it to showcase your CV, poster, business letterhead or branding design. The making of this template was also covered in the how to make a mockup in photoshop blog article.

28. Poster Frame on Wall Mockup


Another mockup template for previewing how a HUGE poster would look like on a home wall… wait a minute, who puts a flower pot on a book? Well this poster mockup is just crazy!

29. White Poster Frame on Wall


White and bright are the keywords for this poster mockup which features a large portrait poster with white frame hanging on a white wall. Place your print artwork into this scene and make a minimal display.

30. Horizontal Hanging Poster Mockup


A large paper in landscape view hanging with paper clips on a white brick wall background. Add a simple and professional effect to your image. Also suitable for horizontal A4, A3 or A2 print artwork designs. Showcase your event invitations, outdoor ads or flyer.


And that was it, no more poster mockups for you today! If you didn’t find a suitable template, please let us know in the feedback forum. You can easily submit your idea without signing up and our designers will get right on it!

How about your poster design? If you don’t have one yet, you can easily design it yourself using our free online design maker. Choose any size for your design or get started with beautiful templates.

If you need some inspiration for designing a poster, be sure to visit sites like Pinterest to find thousands of great event poster examples.

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