Ultimate Social Media Size Guide [Updated January 2022]


Ever try to upload a photo as an event cover photo and realize it crops wrong because Facebook changed their image dimensions again? Never again will you have to worry about that. Here is an ultimate social media size guide. It’s updated frequently and covers everything you’ll need for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitch images. 

We’ve also added links to templates alongside tips and tricks to pay attention to. 


Facebook unveiled a new desktop layout in mid-2020. By now, all desktop users should be using the new view. 

Make sure all your old templates have been updated to ensure the best results!  

This new update removed the 20% text limit on Facebook Ads, which means marketers can now start testing ads with as many words as they want. 

Post TypeImage size (px)Aspect Ratio
Profile Picture180 x 180 (minimum) 2048 x 2048 (ideal)1:1 (square)
Cover Photo820 x 312px (desktop) 3 640 x 360px (mobile)2.7:1
Photo PostOptimal width: 1200Height can vary
Link Preview1200 x 6301.91:1
Event Cover1920 x 1005 41.91:1
Facebook Video1280 x 72016:9 to 9:16 (portrait)
360 Video4096 x 2048 (max)2:1
Facebook Ad1200×628 (desktop) 1080×1080 (mobile) 1.91:1
Story1080 x 19209:16
Group Cover1640 x 856 (desktop) 1640 x 664 (mobile)1.78:1

1 Your profile picture will be shown as a circle so keep in mind the corners will be rounded. 

2 The bottom of the cover photo is automatically shaded and there’s an overlay with your profile picture. You can also upload a video or multiple pictures users can scroll through. 

3 24px from the top and bottom as well as 90px from the left and right will not be visible on mobile


4 The bottom and edges of the cover image will be cropped in mobile view and not necessarily equally from both ends. Try to not add logos and texts too close to the edges just to be safe.

Facebook templates for any occasion can be found here:


Instagram will let you upload basically any size photo or video and crop it on the platform. 

Although the platform allows both videos and photos to be uploaded, photos tend to perform better in the feed. If you’re uploading video content, consider uploading it as a reel (short formats) or IGTV video (longer format).

Remember to use high-quality images because they will be compressed when uploading. 

Post TypeImage size (px)Aspect Ratio
Square1080 x 1080  1:1
Vertical1080 x 13504:5
Landscape1080 x 5661.91:1
Story1080 x 19209:16
Reels1080 x 19209:16
IGTV Cover420 x 6541:1.55
Profile picture110 x 110 (min)1:1

Find templates for:


Pinterest has over 300 million users and Shopify said it was the #2 source of all referral traffic, which makes it a powerful platform for e-commerce as well as personal blogs. 

Make sure to add a “pin” opportunity to your website to allow users to post pictures from your site directly to their board. 

Post TypeImage size (px)Aspect Ratio
Profile Picture180 x 1801:1 
Cover Photo1440 x 81016:9
Square 1000 x 10001:1
Optimal1000 x 15002:3
Tall1000 x 2100 1:2.1

Tons of Pinterest templates are available here:


Twitter photo shares are one of the biggest headaches for marketers. The platform allows to add up to 4 images in one post, but the preview sizes of each picture differ depending on the amount of images you’re using. 

Post TypeImage size (px)Aspect Ratio
Profile Picture400 x 4001:1 
Header1500 x 5003:1
Link Preview 51200 x 6281.91:1
Single Image1200 x 6281.91:1 
Two Images1200 x 13717:8
3+ Images 6See below

5 You cannot edit this on Twitter. It will be pulled from the website whose link you’re sharing. 

twitter image size guide

Find easy-to-use Twitter templates here:


For now, LinkedIn is one of the only platforms where posts with and without images can be equally viral. 

If you’re seeking virality, personal profiles perform better than company pages.

Post TypeImage size (px)Aspect Ratio
Profile Picture400 x 400 (min)1:1 
Background Photo1584 x 396 (personal)
1536 x 768 (company) 7
Link Preview1104 x 7361.91:1
Photo 1200 x 1200 (desktop)1200 x 628 (mobile)1.91:1 
Sponsored content1200 x 628 (one image in a post)1080 x 1080 (carousel) 1.91:11:1

7 LinkedIn compressed the cover photo quite a lot. It is recommended to avoid using text on top of a photo as it’ll end up very pixelated. 

Check out our LinkedIn templates


YouTube is a video platform, but engaging thumbnails and channel art are what entice people to click on the video. 

Post TypeImage size (px)Aspect Ratio
Channel Icon800 x 800 (min)1:1 
Channel Art2560 x 1440816:9
Thumbnail1280 x 72016:9

8 Your cover image will display differently on each device. The safe space is 1546 x 423 so keep any logos and images inside that.

Easily create Youtube Channel Art using these templates:


Personalize your Twitch channel with images that let viewers know exactly what’s waiting ahead of them when you start streaming. 

Post TypeImage size (px)Aspect Ratio
Profile Picture800 x 8001:1 
Profile Banner1200 x 4802.5:1
Offline Banner1920 x 108016:9
Thumbnail1280 x 72016:9
Alert750 x 2503:1
Panel320 × 60px (min), 320 × 600 (max)

Check out our banner templates for Twitch:

Did we miss any sizes in the social media size guide? Let us know in the comments! 

Remember to Bookmark this page for eaxy access to an up-to-date social media size guide so you’ll never have to go back and re-do your designs. 

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