21 Thank You Design Templates for Social Media or Print


Nothing says it better than a warm Thank You! However sometimes it’s easier to show it, rather than say it!

Use this collection of Thank You themed design templates for easily creating a social media post or download the image and print it as a physical card.

Customize the templates by adding your own text, font or colors and resize each design to fit your specific needs.

Whether it’s simple digital note for your social media followers or a real wedding card design, then I hope you’ll find your way to say Thank You!

1. Social Media Thank You Post

Thank You design post for a social media account for saying thanks to new followers or people who joined your group or community. Change the color of the background and text to match your branding style.

2. Facebook Thank You Post Template

Use this design template for saying a big Thank You on social media. Template is preformatted to Facebook, but can easily be resized for any social media platform.

3. Follower Thank You Post Template

A blue themed design template for thanking your followers or clients on social media. A blue design with a wavy pattern and white text box in the middle.

4. Cute Pink Thank You Design

A cute pink design template for creating a Thank You post on social media or to be printed a s a real card. Say thank for your followers or fans for the support.

5. Follower Thank You Card Template

Use this design template for creating your own Thank You post on social media. The design feature large placeholders for the number count of your followers.

6. Follower Thank You Post Template

Another social media post template for praising your followers on social media. Big numbers on a sky background.

7. Wedding Thank You Card Template

Say your wedding Thank You on social media or make a personal card with this design template. Add your own text and photos and make a beautiful Thank You note card.

8. Wedding Thank You Card Design

Another beautiful wedding themed card design. Add your own text, colors and photo to make this card your own.

9. Wedding Thank You Card Maker

A black and white wedding themed Thank You post template. Add your own photo, text and say Thank You on social media or make a personal card.

10. Floral Thank You Card Design

A dark Thank You card with yellow flowers. Say thanks to people for attending your wedding or any other important event.

11. Floral Wedding Card Design

And the last design from the wedding series… a design template for creating a beautiful floral themed Thank You wedding card with a smaller photo placeholder.

12. Social Media Thank You Card

Make a creative Thank You card with this design template featuring hands showing thumbs up. Say thanks to your followers or fans on social media.

13. Follower Thank You Card

A colorful design template for making a Thank You post on Facebook. Add your own text on a really colorful and bright flowers background.

14. Floral Thank You Card Design

Use this beautiful wedding themed design template for creating a more classic Thank You card with a bright background and flowers illustration.

15. Social Media Thank You Card

A thank you card design for saying thanks to your followers on social media. Add your own follower count or any other number that you wish to celebrate.

16. Social Media Celebration Card

A explosive design – say Thank You to your fans and followers with a cartoon themed big bang card for Facebook and social media.

17. Thank You Banner Template

Thank people for subscribing to your social media pages or make a printed greeting card. The design features plants and an ink splash on a pink background color.

18. Floral Illustration Thank You Card

Thank people in social media or via email. A thank you card design featuring colorful hand drawn flowers and plants.

19. Rainbow and Unicorn Thank You Design

Thank you card featuring hand drawn unicorns and a rainbow background. Make cute social media post for your fans and followers, or create a personal thank you note card.

20. Watercolor Thank You Design Template


A classic greeting card template with a watercolor style drawing of green flowers on paper texture. Create a special thank you note or say beautiful words to your loved one.

21. Thank You Greeting Card Design


A happy and bright thank you card with a pink stripes background. Add small Thank You message or a creative quote to brighten up someone’s day!


When was the last time you said Thank You to someone and really meant it?

These design template give you the prefect opportunity to make a quick Thank You note and pass it on to someone that needs it!

Didn’t find a suitable template? Be sure to visit our greeting card templates category for plenty more designs like these! Each template is this category is unique and hand-drawn by a Mediamodifier designer.

How would your design look like as a real printed card? Easily find it out with our greeting card mockup generator – try it now for free!

And that was it, I think that’s about enough Thank You cards for today! Let’s meet again another time, but don’t forget… Thanks for stopping by!

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