How to Write Upside Down or Backwards On Instagram, WhatsApp & Facebook

June 13th 2020
5 minute read

Consider that you have uploaded a post on Facebook…

What would you be expecting after the upload?

It is obvious that like any other person, you would be expecting people to like it, take interest and give positive comments.

This depends on a lot of factors. People obviously do no read every post uploaded by their contacts. They give time and pay attention to content that seems different and has new content areas to offer.

If these constituents are not present, it would be hard to get a lot of attention for the post. Thus, when you talk about appearing different, you need to start with the written text.

If the title of the post is written in standard text format and there is nothing exclusive about it, the reader would obviously not be interested in spending time and seeing the content.

Other than that, people jump to the content only after they think that the content is captivating enough.

The use of upside down and backward text

The highest percentage of internet users are there because of social media platforms. Other than that, they like checking WhatsApp and sharing content.

If someone has 10 contacts and each of them has shared an update, would that person check the status change of each and every person?

The answer to that question is no. Most people simply check the updates which seem unique.

  • If a Facebook or Instagram share has text written in backward direction, the reader would obviously pause for a moment. The reason is that backward text does not have the same appearance as standard text. Hence, the viewer would check the title and see what the content is about.
  • Social media is also a strong method for product marketing. Consider that you are designing an online campaign for a product and you want to attain the maximum possible attention. You need to come up with a catchy title and content text. If the title is written with flip text, most people would give it a look.

This is when you can make the needed impact. A lot of quality Facebook posts go unnoticed because they do not have anything unique to offer in terms of presentation. This is a big issue because people give immense importance to the presentation.

Using the upside down text generator

If you have a look at upside down text, you would get apprehensive about the creation process. A fact is that you do not have to put in any hard work to get upside down text.

Get hold of a quality upside down text generator and consider the job done. No need to type each character manually and rotate it.

Here are the steps you have to execute:

Upload Input text

Upside down text generators are 100% online tools which means no offline installations are needed.

Once you open the link of the tool, you would see two text boxes. The first one is for entering the input text.

If the text is in saved in a separate document, simply copy it and paste it in this box. You can also type the text manually if something specific has to be converted.

Fast and correct output text

A quality upside down text converter solves several problems for the users. To start with, the converted text is generated at a very past pace.

As soon as you write the content or paste it in the first box, the output would be shown in the next box. The user does not have to go through a waiting process of any type. Within few seconds, the desired output is produced.

A free tool with easy usage

Users are able to adapt to certain tools only. There are various reasons due to which some technological tools have a higher preference rate. Ease of use is surely one of them because most users do not have a mindset for going through complex tools. The upside down text generator is very simple to use.

No need to be an IT professional to use this tool. Anyone can use it with ease as you only need to enter the input text. All the other tasks would be performed by the tool.

Get interesting comments Facebook posts and WhatsApp statuses

A lot of people set their WhatsApp statuses as soon as they start the day. Most of them want people to comment on the statuses. The possibility of people viewing your status and commenting on it increases when there is something unusual about it.

The best option is modifying the text in one way or the other. If the text style is unusual, people would obviously check the status and go through the written content as well.

  • On a regular scale, people do not write the text with a backward or upside down style. It is not something which you witness on a frequent scale. Thus, if you have used this style in a Facebook post or WhatsApp status, it would get the needed attention. To get the attention of people, you have to be sure that the text is presented in a unique manner.

Free tool and simple operating process

It is a big concern for users to get their hands on a quality tool that does not have any charges. If you get hold of a free tool, it usually has time restrictions. After a particular span of time, you would have to opt for a paid version.

This issue does not have to be combated when you are using the backward text maker on The easy interface is a plus point for the users. They can use it and produce the converted text without any lengthy learning or handling complex options. First of all, enter the input text.

After that, select the conversion you want to perform. For instance, if you want the text to be written in backward direction as well as flipped upside down, select both the checks.