These are the Top 10 Most Popular (but Extremely Boring) Website Mockups That Designers Actually Use Every Day

These are the Top 10 Most Popular (but Extremely Boring) Website Mockups That Designers Actually Use Every Day

I guess you would not want to ruin your nice website design by using an awkward or ugly mockup to showcase it? Fortunately we know which mockups are the most popular and trending because we’ve got real statistics to back it up!

Here are 10 most popular technology and website mockups based on the actual Mediamodifier download count – data collected from thousands of users including entrepreneurs, web designers and design agencies.

Let’s get started – without further delay, here are the 10 best technology mockups that designers and marketers use every day to promote their websites or responsive web applications and so should you!

Stay Minimal with a Flat Macbook Front View Mockup

front view macbook mockup for website showcase
This one is a must-have and pure classic template for all website designers – a minimal mockup featuring frontal view of a Macbook laptop. Most preferred with transparent PNG background which looks sleek on your portfolio page.

Go Responsive with a Macbook and iPhone X Website Mockup

The second most popular website mockup is no big surprise! The template features a bit more 3D and includes half turned view of a Macbook Pro laptop and a standing iPhone X model in front of it. Great for a responsive website showcase.

Get Big with a Front View Mockup of an iMac Display

Another pure gold – a plain simple mockup template featuring front view of an iMac display and with the Apple logo removed. Designers love the big screen for displaying beautiful and multimedia rich websites on a desktop computer.

More is Better, a Multi Screen Mockup with Apple Devices

responsive website mockup with multi devices
It’s an Apple party! The perfect template for displaying a fully responsive web application on all the Apple devices. Front view of a Macbook Pro, iMac display, black iPad and iPhone isolated over a transparent PNG background.

Mobile First, White Mobile Devices Supported with a Desktop Computer

3D website mockup template with apple devices
Change the color scheme with this mockup and display your content on a white iPad and Golden iPhone screen. The template also features half turned view of an iMac Desktop computer with a mouse and keyboard for a full size web display.

A Fully Responsive Website Application Mockup Across All Platforms

This mockup is also perfect for displaying a fully responsive web and mobile application. The template features an iPad and iPhone standing on the foreground in the middle and a Macbook and iMac on the background.

Unbox Your Product with This Mockup Featuring a Software Box

The best things come in a box – so does your product! This website mockup also incorporates a standing software box. A great concept for illustrating an all-in-the-box product or website service.

Fly High with a Hovering Macbook Pro Mockup Template

This mockup template will get your website off the ground. The template features a 3D view of a Macbook Pro laptop hovering above the ground with soft shadows. It’s quite the only 3D mockup in the top 10.

Back to the Basics with a Frontal 3D Macbook Mockup

Minimalism is practical! This template is loved by people because it features a minimal 3D angle but still places your website in the spotlight without distractions. Not everyone hates 3D.

Keep it Simple with a Multi Device & Responsive Website Mockup

From small to big screen, this templates is meant for putting your mobile website in the spotlight and showcasing that the same content is also available on other platforms such as laptop and desktop computers.

So there you have it…

these website mockups might seem a bit boring at first, but they’re super practical and what’s most important – they’re also used by hundreds of design professionals every day. This proves a point!

The best part? As a part of our mockup generator, all these templates are easily editable online. Upload your screenshot with no effort and create a website mockup in seconds – this is what Mediamodifier is all about.

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