20 Valentine’s Day Card Templates (That You Can Use Right Now)

February 7th 2022
3 minute read
Valentine’s Day Card Templates

If you don’t want to design your own Valentine’s card this year, we have a quick and easy solution – you can make a Valentine’s card online. These 20 card templates for Valentine’s Day are very cute, fully customizable, and ready to download in seconds.

All you have to do is click on the “Edit this template” button under your preferred design to edit the text, font, layout, and colors to make it own. You can download and print it out or send it to your valentine via email or social media.

1. Card Template With A Cute Hedgehog

Card Template With A Cute Hedgehog

Nothing is cuter than this sweet hedgehog wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day.

2. Postcard Template With A Bunny

Postcard With A Bunny Valentine’s Day Card Templates

The perfect card for your love, your inspiration, and your hunny bunny.

3. Valentine Greeting Card Template

valentine greeting card

Use this cute postcard template to write any text you want. There is no holding back!

4. Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Design Template

happy valentine's day

This is the perfect card if you want to drown them in your love.

5. Valentine Greeting Card Design Template

happy valentine's day

A card that says it all.

6. Panda Card Valentine’s Day

panda card Valentine’s Day Card Templates

Have a pandastic Valentine’s Day!

7. Card Template With Couple Of Bears

you complete me Valentine’s Day Card Templates

Remind your boo of how much you love them with this cute cuddly bears card.

8. Love Declaration Card Template

Love Declaration Card Template

Be proud and be authentic with this lovely card design.

9. Card Template With Cat And Heart

Card Template With Cat And Heart

This super cute cat is the ideal messenger for your feelings.

10. Postcard Template For The Holiday Of Lovers

i love you very much

How cute is this heart?

11. Cute Postcard Template

i love you very much Valentine’s Day Card Templates

Use this template featuring a sea of hearts to express your love.

12. Heart Shaped Balloon Postcard Template

This minimalistic template featuring a heart-shaped air balloon could be your Valentine’s Day card this year.

13. Postcard Template In Pink Color

i love you minimalist valentine's heart Valentine’s Day Card Templates

This painted-like card is very a sweet way of expressing your love.

14. Postcard Template With a Bouquet Of Hearts

Postcard Template With a Bouquet Of Hearts

Flowers are overrated. This year, give them a card featuring a bouquet of hearts.

15. Sweet Valentine’s Day Card Template

happy valentine's day

Check out this cute Valentine’s Day card featuring hearts and pastel colors.

16. Valentine’s Love Rain Greeting Card

love is in the air

It is your choice if you want to keep the umbrella up or embrace the love.

17. Cat and Balloons Valentine’s Day Card Template

cat and balloons Valentine’s Day Card Templates Valentine’s Day Card Templates

Grumpy or not, nobody can escape the love.

18. Space Greeting Card Happy Valentine’s Day

Space Greeting Card Happy Valentine's Day

You can’t give them the moon, but you can give them this card.

19. Happy Valentine’s Day Fun Postcard Template

love egg Valentine’s Day Card Template

Stay on the sunny side up!

20. Cute Bird Valentine’s Day Card Template

Valentine’s Day Card Templates

This one’s for the love birds out there.

Remember that all of our greeting card designs are fully customizable, as are all of our other Mediamodifier templates.

Didn’t find the perfect Valentine’s Day card templates? Check out all of our greeting card designs.

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