30 Billboard Mockups for Outdoor Advertising


Digital advertising is growing at a tremendous pace, however traditional billboard marketing and outdoor advertising campaigns ain’t going nowhere yet!

Use these beautiful billboard mockup templates for visualizing your advertising ideas on big outdoor signs and see how they validate in a real world scene!

Easily place your ad design into the placeholder and create a billboard or hoarding mockup in seconds thanks to our mockup generator: from small signs to large and tall banners, this list should cover all your needs!

1. Wide Outdoor Billboard Mockup


Use this classic outdoor billboard mockup for displaying your message. In addition to looking good on a blue sky background it will surely put your ad in the spotlight.

2. Digital Billboard Mockup


Place your ad design into this digital billboard mockup and see how your advertising would look like on a busy street.

3. Outdoor Billboard Mockup


A large billboard on the side of the road. If you wish to preview how your ad would distract drivers on the lunch break, this by all means, use this template!

4. Large Square Billboard Mockup


This creative billboard mockup features a big square sign on a tall construction building. Use it to showcase your construction and building themed logo or service advertisement.

5. Square Advertising Sign Mockup


A square billboard mockup on a brick wall background. Although this template might look quite minimal, then it’s very practical, as it perfectly puts your design into the spotlight.

6. Bus Stop Billboard Mockup


Creative bus stop billboards… we’ve all seen them and now it’s your turn to showcase your ad idea. Place your advertising design into this mockup featuring a billboard on a busy street and see if your campaign is worth launching!

7. Wide Billboard on House Mockup


A beautiful billboard mockup featuring a wide sign on a tall glass building and sky background. Preview your urban billboard idea and say sorry for to the people who can’t see outside their window anymore!

8. Square Advertising Sign Mockup


Use this outdoor billboard mockup to showcase your advertising design on a busy street scene. People passing by… will your ad catch attention or will it be left unnoticed by the crowds?

9. Wide Outdoor Billboard


This billboard mockup looks to be perfect for previewing your sports or big event related advertising banner. A big and extra wide message sign in an urban environment.

10. Wide Billboard on House


A message on the rooftop will catch attention! Unlike digital ads, a big sign which is blocking the sun is difficult to miss. Use this outdoor mockup for previewing your design on a classical roof billboard.

11. Wide Truss Frame Billboard Mockup


Enough with the photo-based mockups? This 3D billboard templates can also be used with a custom background color or even transparent PNG. Easily place your picture into a steel truss frame and showcase your advertising message.

12. Subway Billboard Mockup


Let’s get underground with this subway billboard mockup – large sign attached to a wall next to the escalators.

13. Outdoor Banner Mockup


A classic urban billboard mockup template featuring a wide banner on a brick wall. Will your advertising design stand out our will it blend into the wall like a brick?

14. Illustrated Billboard Mockup


This unique mockup features an illustrated billboard on a sky background. If you need a more cartoonish look to your concept, then this mockup is perfect for creating your image.

15. Square Truss Billboard Mockup


This 3D billboard mockup is great of previewing any kind of advertising design or message. The template is made on a solid color (or transparent) background so there are no distractions and your design will be the only thing in the spotlight.

16. Wide Street Banner Mockup


Block the pedestrians with this outdoor mockup featuring a metal billboard stand on the street. Insert your own ad design and see if people will jump over the hurdle…

17. Subway Ad Mockup


Use this subway billboard mockup for previewing your message in the darkness. A wide banner attached to a wall above subway stairs.

18. Outdoor Advertising Mockup


This mockup template features a large outdoor banner attached to a house on a busy Dublin street. Place your image inside the banner and wait for the ivy to grow a bit more…

19. Wide Steel Truss Banner


Let’s escape the real world – this 3D templates features a wide billboard banner attached to steel truss frame. Place your advertising design onto the sign and add your own background color. Alternatively you can also export the mockup as transparent PNG and place it on a real photo.

20. Outdoor Banner Mockup


A classic outdoor ad mockup featuring a sign attached to a tall post. Place your image inside the billboard and make your message visible.

21. Billboard on Busy Street Mockup


A city never sleeps… use this mockup template for visualizing your outdoor advertising on a busy street filled with distractions… will people notice your ad or will they drive by without even noticing?

22. Wide Billboard on Tall House


Place your advertising design into this mockup featuring a billboard attached to a tall building. It’s the best way to make your message visible in the urban environment.

23. Outdoor Banner Sign Mockup


A mockup template featuring a large outdoor banner attached to a house on busy street. Place your image into this realistic scene and

24. Vertical Billboard Mockup


Place your advertising design into this vertical billboard mockup and make a realistic preview of your marketing campaign. It’s a great way to visualize your ideas and validate your ad concepts.

25. Tall Banner on Street Mockup


Use this urban billboard mockup for previewing your message in the big city center. A vertical banner attached to a house on a busy street.

26. Outdoor Billboard Mockup


A mockup template featuring an outdoor billboard on the side of the road. See if your billboard would catch the attention of drivers or would it just be collecting birdsh*t 🙂

27. Large Outdoor Advertising


Place your design into this billboard and see how your ad looks like on big scale. A beautiful 3D mockup template featuring a wide billboard on a sky background.

28. Billboard on Roof Mockup


The roof is on fire? If your ad is hot enough then it might just catch fire! Use this mockup template for showcasing your billboard idea on top of a house on a wide sign.

29. Beach Changing Room Mockup


Got a summer themed offer you need to promote? Use this changing room mockup and place your advertising banner right on the beach. Instead of beautiful golden sands, there is also a lot of green grass, but I hope you don’t mind – David Hasselhoff might be mowing the lawn somewhere near…

30. Bus Stop Billboard Mockup


If you’ve got an idea how to create a an interesting bus stop billboard, then please do! Waiting for public transport is boring enough, so don’t make it worse with a terrible ad!


So there you have it, these were the best 30 (but not all) billboard mockup templates for visualizing your ad in an outdoor scene. Click here to view all available billboard templates.

All mockups are easily customizable as a part of our online mockup generator, however each template is also available as a Photoshop PSD version.

If outdoor advertising is not your thing, you can also try out how your ad looks like in the digital space with our social media ad mockup templates.

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