35 Best Book Cover Mockup Templates

February 26th 2020
10 minute read

Mediamodifier is home to hundreds of book mockup templates, however choosing the right image from such a large variety of templates might be tricky task.

That’s why today I’m bringing you the very best of the best… a collection of over 330 cover mockups which has been trimmed down to a list of 35 templates.

All these cover mockups have been most favorited by our customers so I hope you’ll also find a perfect image for promoting your book!

Whether you need to showcase a paperback, hardcover, ebook, audibook, square book or a notebook, we’ve got covers in all book sizes and hopefully there’s something for everybody. Let’s dig in:

1. Paperback Book Mockup


A book cover mockup featuring a softcover book standing on a studio background scene. A high detail cover mockup with the options to change the color of the cover and also the background scene. Make a realistic mockup of your book cover design with a few clicks online or visit our blog and learn how to make a mockup like this yourself in Photoshop.

2. Hardcover Book Mockup


Front view of 3D hardcover book on a studio background. Easily preview your book cover designs – upload your image, crop to fit the placeholder. Don’t forget to choose a color for the back side of book to match your cover design.

3. eBook Cover Mockup


To be or not to be, that WAS the question! The question nowadays is to stream or not to stream? Showcase that your book is also available in the digital format. A book cover mockup with a hardcover book standing on a white surface and a black iPad tablet computer leaning against it.

4. Digital and Audiobook Mockup


A combo book cover mockup to showcase your cover art. A softcover paperback book, black kindle e-reader and Galaxy S8 with earphones standing on a white surface. Upload a separate image to each screen and promote that your book is available as a physical copy, readable on a kindle device and also downloadable as an audiobook. A perfect mockup to advertise an audiobook design.

5. Standing Book Cover Mockup


Generate a 3D preview with your book cover design. Upload your image and turn your flat book cover design into a 3D perspective mockup. Showcase your book design idea or advertise your new ebook or printed hardcover piece of writing. Customize the color of the book to match the spine with your design.

6. 3D Hardcover Book Mockup


This is it, the true meaning of a book cover mockup! Insert your own book cover and spine design onto a 3D open book standing on a white surface. Customize the color of the book if you want to match the backside with your cover art or if you don’t have a spine design. Turn off the background layer for a transparent PNG mockup and use the image with your own background scene. Make a realistic book cover mockup scene with a few clicks.

7. Slim Book Cover Mockup


3D mockup of a thin book or magazine lying on a white isolated background. Showcase your book or magazine designs with a realistic online mockup. Upload your own artwork onto the cover and create a preview within seconds.

8. Wirebound Notebook Mockup


Make your book cover design look great with standing bound book mockup generator template. A portrait bound book standing on a white background with soft shadows. Turn off the background and choose PNG for a transparent version.

9. Front and Back Book Cover Mockup


You’ve already spent ages writing your book and now it’s time for even the harder part – promoting it! Well we’ve got some good news for you. Creating a cover mockup like this will only take a few seconds. Easily upload the front and back cover designs with a few clicks and ready you are! 

10. Standing Hardcover Book


Generate a realistic hardcover book front view mockup online. Front book cover mockup on a gray studio background scene. Choose a color for the book which will be applied to the spine and back side (and front if your design has transparent elements) Turn off the background for a transparent version. Showcase your book cover design with a simple 3d perspective mockup.

11. Square Book Mockup


Square book cover online mockup generator template. Create a minimalist preview of your square book cover design. Top view of a square book with soft shadows.

12. Book Presentation Mockup


Place your cover design into this mockup scene featuring a hardcover book standing on a wood stage. Use this template in order to stand out – it’s a great concept for a book launch event.

13. 3D Book Mockup


Make a 3D preview of your book cover design online. A thick hardcover book standing on a white isolated background. Easily upload your own cover design to the book and customize the color of the book for the back cover side to perfectly match your design

14. Notebook Cover Mockup


Are you one of those people who can’t remember a thing! That’s a what a weekly planner is for! Make yourself a mockup using this template featuring a portrait double wiro notebook planner over a white background.

15. Digital eBook Cover Mockup


This mockup template combines the digital world and a real book. Place your cover design onto an iPad Pro screen with a hardcover book standing next to it.

16. Audio and Kindle Book Mockup


Showcase your digital and audiobook cover design artwork. A book mockup with a black kindle e-reader device and a Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone with earphones which represents an audiobook version. Upload your own images onto the device screens, but I hope your cover design looks good so it invites people to read or listen to your book.

17. 3D Notebook Cover Mockup


Make your book cover design look great with minimal effort. A spiral bound book lying on a white background surface. The easiest way to make a realistic 3D mockup of your book cover design. Upload your image, crop and export your image as JPEG on PNG with transparent background.

18. Paperback and Digital Book


A mockup template for featuring a book cover design and content on the iPhone X screen. Smartphone and paperback book lying on a wood surface. Promote your book cover and a digital version of it on a smartphone screen.

19. Audiobook Cover Mockup


Showcase your digital book design with this mockup template featuring a standing paperback book, iPhone XS screen and airpods. A great isolated PNG mockup for creating a product display for your ebook content.

20. Gift Book Mockup


Mockup template for showcasing a gift book cover. Top view of a blank book wrapped in a red ribbon. Upload your own book cover design with a few clicks and create a beautiful mockup with no effort. Do you trust Mediamodifier with creating more book visuals for your website or marketing campaign? Head over to the Book mockup generator category and see more templates like this.

21. Square Children’s Book Mockup


A 3D turned side view of a standing square book isolated on a white background. Easily upload your own design artwork and spine to the cover and create a realistic 3d preview of your book.

22. Digital eBook Mockup


How to show people that your book is available in a digital format? This mockup should make it quite obvious! A mockup featuring a hand reaching out for a black tablet computer on a bookshelf in a bookstore/library. Upload design and advertise your ebook cover with a realistic mockup.

23. Online Course Mockup


Create a mockup for your digital product. A blank paperback book standing on a white background with a DVD/CD leaning on the book. Showcase your book design or software/tutorial cover design. Book and CD mockup generator template.

24. Book on Bed Mockup


A good book – it was the Netflix of the ’90s. Advertise your new fascinating book with this mockup template featuring a woman sitting on a bed, drinking coffee and starting to read a book which is lying on the bed. Upload your own cover design and play with the emotions of your readers – a little alone time with your book is all they need?

25. Woman Holding Book Mockup


Use this mockup template with a woman reading a magazine on bed to feature your book or magazine cover design. A great way to add some background scene into your design. Need some more Magazine Cover Mockups. Don’t worry we have plenty more where that came from!

26. Hardcover Book Mockup


Place your cover design into this mockup and showcase your artwork in a beautiful scene featuring a thin hardcover book leaning against a wall on a white desk.

27. Woman Reading Book in Bed


Use this cozy mockup scene to invite people to read your book. It’s a perfect template with a portrait layout that fits a social media format, for example Facebook or Instagram. A real life scene with a woman sitting on a bed and having coffee. Why don’t you try another book mockup template and see which one you like best.

28. Kindle eBook Mockup


Display your book with this mockup of a man holding a kindle e-book reader device in hand and showing it to the camera on an office work desk background. Advertise your book cover just as if it’s being delivered by the designer this very moment. Not a Kindle fan? Maybe you’ll fancy an iPad mockup generator template instead?

29. Book on Library Shelf


This mockup features a book standing on a library shelf together with an iPhone XS. Make a realistic mockup of your cover design and showcase that your content is also available online.

30. Hardcover and Digital Book


It seems like these two are having a great time together! A book mockup template with a hardcover book and iPhone XS lying on a wood floor. A great mockup for showcasing the cover design of your real physical book copy and the digital version on a smartphone.

31. Book on White Desk


A beautiful minimalist scene with a book lying on a white desk, next to headphones and a desk plant.

32. Woman Reading Book in Library


Use this mockup template to showcase your book in a realistic scene – a woman enjoying a book while sitting on a couch in a library.

33. Woman Reading a Book


This mockup features a woman sitting on the library floor between the bookshelves and reading an interesting book. Someone please… get her a chair… or a less interesting book.

34. Notebook on White Desk


Grab a coffee and write down your ideas into a notebook? That’s the idea behind this mockup template which features a person having coffee and about to start writing into a notebook.

35. Woman Holding Book Mockup


If you need someone to advertise your book, then why not let her do it! 3D book mockups are great, however sometimes you just need a real person holding your design.


This chapter is now closed, but the story is far from over…

Once you found the perfect template, you can easily try it free and upload your cover design in seconds, because no Photoshop is needed for creating mockups on Mediamodifier.

If you weren’t so lucky and didn’t find a suitable mockup, then you can also check out the parent book category, which includes over 300 book cover mockups or head over to the list of best magazine mockups.

NB: if you don’t have a book cover yet, you can easily design it yourself in our online book cover maker or choose from a variety of ready made templates.