20 Best Business Card Mockup Templates


How’s business doing? Regularly I assume? Today I bring you the 20 best business card mockup templates from Mediamodifier.

What’s special about these templates? Easily drag and drop your card design onto the placeholders and create a mockup in seconds – all these templates are a part of out online mockup generator. Don’t worry though, each template is also available as a Photoshop PSD template.

But let’s not waste any more time, scroll below to find a template you like, so you could instantly try it out!

1. 3D Business Card Mockup


A 3D scene to showcase your business card design. A highly customizable template for promoting any kind of business card designs. Upload the front and back image of your card. After that choose a color for the card stack to match your designs. Also choose a background color for the scene so the designs really blend in. Want to know how to create mockups like these in Photoshop? Follow our latest blog post to see how we made this template

2. Stack of Business Cards Mockup


Show off the front and back side of your business card design. Upload your images and customize the color of the card stack and also the background. A 3D online mockup generator template for a stack of business cards.

3. Front and Back Business Card


A professional 3D mockup scene to showcase your business card designs. Upload the front of your business card and the back side on a small stack of cards. Customize the stack color and background to match your design. Stack of business cards online mockup generator template.

4. Business Card on Wood Table


Top view business cards mockup showcasing the back and front design on a wood background. A minimal mockup with top view of 2 business cards on a wood table. Upload your designs and showcase your artwork – no Photoshop needed for creating mockups and sharing them with everyone.

5. Business Card on Keyboard Mockup


Online mockup template with a blank business card on a black computer keyboard. Generate a preview of you business card design in a realistic scene.

6. 3D Business Cards Mockup


A 3D online mockup for showcasing a business card design. A stack of business cards on a wooden table background (turn off for a transparent PNG background). Use 3 different card design or insert the same image into every placeholder. Also customize the color of the card stack (business card sides) to match your design perfectly.

7. Stack of Business Cards Mockup


There’s no business without business cards and this mockup includes a whole lot of business cards. Make a 3D mockup and showcase the front and back design of your designs on a wood background scene. Easily customize the card stack color to perfectly match your designs.

8. Card in Paper Clip Mockup


If you told me that you’re running a business and don’t have a business card, then I’d say you must be joking! A simple and creative mockup template for showcasing your business card design. A blank card held by a black metal paper clip. All isolated elements, choose a background color or use a transparent background as PNG.

9. Business Cards on Desk Mockup


A stack of business cards on the edge of a wooden table. Upload the back and front design of you card and generate a realistic preview with your designs.

10. Handing a Business Card Mockup


Man handing a business card to a woman on the street. Preview your business card design in a realistic real life scene. A great realistic business card mockup template.

11. Business Card in Holder Mockup


A simple mockup for displaying your business card in a business card holder. A metal business card holder with a stack of cards. Upload your own design and make a 3D mockup with your card.

12. Business Cards and Letter Mockup


Stack of A4 papers and business cards leaning on them on a gray background. Insert your own content easily onto the papers, and showcase the front and back side of your business card. Perfect online template for generating a branding mockup quickly and easily.

13. Top View Business Cards Mockup


Upload the front and back design of your business card into this mockup scene and create a realistic preview of your card. The template features a stack of business cards lying on a solid surface.

14. Vertical Business Card Mockup


Mockup template of a man holding a vertical business card in hand. Insert your own business card design and generate a mockup image with a few clicks. A great way to make advertising images or simply showcasing your possible new business card layout. A simple mockup with a man holding a vertical business card in hands on a white isolated background.

15. Business Card in Pocket Mockup


Creative business card mockup. A businessman pulling business card out of a suit jacket pocket. Creative way to showcase your business card and advertise your professional service or new product.

16. Business Branding Stationery Mockup


A 3D branding stationery mockup template for showcasing your US 8.5×11 letterhead, #10 size envelope and standard business cards. Easily add your own images, and customize the background color to match your design. Want to know how to make a mockup like this yourself? Head over to our blog and read our latest post about how to make a mockup in Photoshop.

17. 3D Business Card Mockup


A classic 3D isometric style business card mockup template featuring a stack of cards lying next to pencil. Showcase the back and front side of your card design in a minimalist scene.

18. Card in Hand Mockup


Simple business card mockup with a man holding a business card with 2 fingers and showing it to the camera. Great and simple way of generating a minimal preview of your business card design on an isolated white background.

19. Holding a Business Card


A classic mockup template of a male hand holding a business card in a very minimal way with the tips of his fingers and thumb. A great way of showcasing your horizontal business card design in a minimalist and realistic scene with white isolated background.

20. Company Stationery Mockup


Why just showcase the card… use this mockup template to promote your whole brand identity! A flatlay mockup featuring a US size letterhead, envelope and business cards on a desk.


That was it! The 20 best templates for promoting your business card!

A mockup generator like Mediamodifier makes it super easy and fast to preview your card design. Easily drag and drop your design onto any Mockup and create a preview within seconds.

Our premium users also enjoy full commercial license and unlimited PSD downloads for all mockups.

Need more card mockup templates? Head over to our business card mockup generator category to see all the latest business card templates.

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