30 Best Greeting Card Mockup Templates


Greetings all card lovers! I hope you’ll enjoy this list of our best and most downloaded greeting card and postcard mockup templates for showcasing your design skills!

As a part of our online mockup generator, all these templates can be customized in just a few clicks. Easily drag and drop your card design onto a placeholder and create a mockup in seconds. NB: all mockups are also available as PSD templates.

Postcards come in all shapes and sizes and hopefully this list will cover all your needs! From small square note cards to big folding portrait and landscape cards, let’s dig in and find a template you need.

1. Folding Greeting Card Mockup


Greetings! To Whom It May Concern, this is an mockup template for advertising your postcard or invitation design. It works super easily… simply click on the placeholder layer and upload your own design. Also change the color of the background or turn it off completely for a transparent PNG version.

2. Landscape Greeting Card Mockup


What’s the next big event? Here’s your chance to display your invitation card design with a realistic mockup template. Upload a design onto the card and customize the color of the card and background. You can also turn off the background completely and export the scene as a transparent PNG.

3. Square Greeting Card Mockup


Want to showcase your square postcard or invitation design – there’s no better chance than this! An online mockup template with a blank square card isolated on a white background. Upload your own design onto the card with one click and customize the color of the card and background.

4. Postcard on Wood Stand Mockup


Time to showcase your artwork! Use this template for displaying your print designs with portrait layout. Front view of a blank card standing on a wooden easel with soft shadows over a solid color background. Make a showcase of your wedding card, invitation, birthday, greeting card or poster and flyer… this blank canvas can really be used for any image.

5. Open Postcard Mockup


A 3D mockup template of the inside of a foldable invitation or greeting card. A blank card standing over a solid color or transparent PNG background. Upload your own picture into the placeholder with no effort and easily create beautiful visual content for your marketing campaigns or website.

6. Folding Greeting Card Mockup


3D online mockup template of an open landscape foldable card. Showcase the inside design of your letter or invitation. Upload your own picture into the placeholder with no effort and easily create beautiful visual content for your marketing campaigns or website.

7. Postcard with Envelope Mockup


Use this card mockup template to showcase your portrait letter or postcard design. The template features an envelope and postcard lying on a solid color surface.

8. Letter and Envelope Mockup


When was the last time you received a postcard or a letter from a friend by snail mail? Was it in 1999? A mockup template to showcase a postcard or letter design. Upload your own image to the card and choose a color for the envelope to match your design.

9. Landscape Postcard Mockup


A landscape card mockup template featuring a foldable 5×7 postcard with side opening. A minimal blank card mockup – choose a solid color or transparent PNG background. Perfect for showcasing your postcard or invitation card design.

10. Woman Holding Postcard


When was the last time someone sent you a Christmas card? If it was last Christmas then you are a lot luckier than me! If you designed a Christmas card yourself, then this mockup is perfect for you. Display your design in a mockup scene with hands holding the card.

11. Landscape Greeting Card Mockup


Use this minimal mockup template for showcasing your landscape card design. The template features a card standing standing on a solid color surface and waiting for your design!

12. Postcard with Kraft Envelope Mockup


Need a simple floral scene to showcase your card design? You’ve found it! A mockup featuring a flat 5×7 postcard lying on a kraft envelope with flowers on the desk next to the card. A beautiful and minimal scene for displaying a card related to weddings, engagement, birthday or pregnancy announcements.

13. Greeting Card with Kraft Envelope


Mockup template featuring a portrait card and kraft envelope isolated over solid color or transparent PNG background. Easily upload your own image onto the placeholder and create a beautiful mockup in seconds. Browse our card and print category for more similar templates.

14. Landscape Postcard Mockup


A realistic mockup template for showcasing your design for a letter or invitation. A blank landscape card and envelope lying on a white wooden desk next to a flower. The overall theme of the mockup is very neutral, so the concept can be used for birthday or wedding card designs… and if you live in Australia, then also for Christmas 🙂

15. Christmas Card Mockup


Time for christmas? Here’s a template for showcasing your xmas themed greeting card design. A mockup featuring a landscape 5×7 card lying on a wood background next to christmas decorations and snowflakes. Put your santa hat on and hit the edit button to upload your card design.

16. Square Greeting Card Mockup


Mockup template of a square postcard/greeting card standing on a wood stage background. Use Mediamodifer to easily craft beautiful mockup scenes like this and let us help you with your marketing. Create mockups online with seconds and make promotional materials for your website or social media channels.

17. Postcard and Envelope Mockup


Isolated PNG mockup template of a portrait postcard and white envelope over a solid color or transparent background. Easily upload your own image onto the placeholder and create a beautiful mockup in seconds. Browse our card and print category for more similar templates.

18. Closeup Greeting Card Mockup


Are you wedding crasher? Then you’ll probably love this template! An online mockup featuring a close up shot of a 5×7 wedding invitation next to a decorated envelope and pencil. A great template for showcasing your kraft card or a design made for a special event, such as wedding invitation, bridesmaid card or birthday party.

19. Folding Greeting Card Mockup


Time for a another party! A mockup template for showcasing your event invitation or postcard design. A realistic mockup scene with a 6×9 portrait view open card standing isolated white background. A simple and minimalist scene for displaying your print design.

20. Pack of Greeting Cards Mockup


Enough of single card mockups… this template features a pack of 8 cards and envelopes. The beauty of this template is that you can also turn off layers and display any amount of cards between 1-8.

21. Floral Postcard Mockup


A romantic mockup template with flowers background for showcasing your wedding or engagement related card design. A flat 5×7 card lying on a white surface next to roses. A beautiful floral scene for displaying a wedding invitation design or a card related to any other celebration event.

22. Floral Greeting Card Mockup


A beautiful mockup scene featuring a standing foldable 5×7 portrait postcard on a pink background next to a flower vase. A perfect mockup for showcasing your card design for a wedding invitation, engagement party, newborn baby card or a birthday greeting card.

23. Wedding Card Mockup


Do I hear wedding bells? Mockup of a 7×5 wedding invitation card on a white table next to decoration ribbons. Use this mockup to showcase your design and get more orders for your print artwork. Whether it’s a wedding or a birthday party, our postcard mockup generator category is always prepared to help you!

24. Christmas and Red Envelope


Is it that time of the year already? Showcase your christmas greeting card design. A mockup template with a christmas theme – blank postcard lying on a red envelope.

25. Square Folding Card Mockup


Show off your creative greeting card design featuring this square card mockup template – a blank folding card with bottom opening standing on a solid color surface.

26. Landscape Card with Kraft Envelope


Showcase your letter or greeting card design with this mockup template featuring a landscape 5×7 card with a kraft envelope. Easily upload your own design and change the color of the card if your design includes transparent elements.

27. Wedding Invitation Card Mockup


This looks like the start of another love story! A mockup template for showcasing your print design for a wedding invitation. The scene features top view of a portrait invitation card with envelope and mini cards lying on a wooden surface next to pink flower petals.

28. Wedding Postcard Mockup


Wedding card mockup template featuring a portrait card lying next to flower bouquet and shoes. Use Mediamodifier to craft beautiful mockup scenes for advertising your product or service. Simply click on the placeholder to upload your own design and make a mockup in matter of seconds

29. Square Greeting Card Mockup


3D mockup template of a small foldable notecard over a solid color or transparent PNG background. Upload your own picture into the placeholder with no effort and easily create beautiful visual content for your marketing campaigns or website. Learn more about Mediamodifier and see how your business can benefit from our online mockups.

30. Inside Square Card Mockup


Mockup template featuring an open square postcard isolated over a solid color or transparent PNG background. Display the inside of your letter or folding greeting card design.


I hope this list of best card mockups proved useful for finding a perfect template to showcase your design. NB: for a complete list of all available card templates, be sure to visit our Greeting Card Mockups category which includes over 100+ templates.

If you’re not that lucky and didn’t find a mockup template or don’t even have a design yet… then be sure to check out Pinterest for some card design inspiration.

Once you have an idea for a card, you can use our Free Online Design Maker and create your own card in seconds. Our simple design tool allows you to resize your card design to any format you need.

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