Ideal Image Size for a Pinterest Pin

June 11th 2020
2 minute read

Pinterest is one of those underrated social platforms: few businesses think of exploring it, which could be a mistake, given Pinterest’s huge user base.

People are visual and after Instagram, Pinterest is the largest visual social media platform.

With over 2 million pins saved daily and more than 335 million people visiting the site on a monthly basis, conquering Pinterest can be a life-changer for your business.

Of course, given the highly visual nature of the platform, we’ve prepared some tips and tricks on how to nail the perfect Pinterest image – size and all.

What is the right Pinterest image size?

First, let’s touch on what is the ideal Pinterest image.

Landscape images might do well on Facebook or LinkedIn, but they’re a big no-no on Pinterest.

A study of over 500,000 images found that portrait images are repinned 60% more times than tall or landscape images

The sweet spot is an aspect ratio between 2:3 and 4:5.

The story pins, introduced in 2019, function in a similar way to stories on Instagram or Facebook. The perfect aspect ratio here, however, is 9:16.

Type of contentRecommended SizeMinimum Size
Pinterest (portrait) image1000 x 1500 px100 x 200 px
Story pins900 x 1600 px 
Pinterest profile image600 x 600 px180 x 180 px
Pinterest cover image1600 x 900 px 
Board cover600 x 600 px200 x 200 px

Tips and tricks on picking the perfect Pinterest image

When selecting an image to post on Pinterest, think vertically.

Pinterest recommends 2:3 aspect ratio, but the specific dimensions vary from year to year: in 2020, these are 1000 x 1500 px.

Keep in mind the differences between the Pinterest portrait images and the board covers: the latter are always square.

Pinterest recommends keeping your board covers to no less than 200 x 200px, but the recommended size is 600 x 600px.

Pinterest Videos

Like any other social media, Pinterest lets you share video content.

As a rule of thumb, keep your videos short and sweet – your audience’s attention starts to wane after approximately 10-15 seconds.

The maximum Pinterest video size is 2GB and the maximum length is 30 minutes.

In terms of aspect ratio, portrait mode (16:9) is recommended, but square videos (1:1) are also popular.

Conquer Pinterest with the right size image and follow our tips and tricks for success!