17 Most Popular Apple Watch Mockups

November 6th 2021
4 minute read

Apple Watches are dominating the smartwatch market. In fact, the Apple Watch Series 6 is by far the most popular smartwatch model. So it only makes sense that new apps be available on the smartwatch as well, especially when it comes to fitness, travel or productivity.

If you’re designing an app for the Apple Watch, want to showcase your UX/UI or want to check out what your branding would look like on a small screen, here are 17 of our most popular Apple Watch Mockups perfect for any occasion. The best part? They’re insanely easy to use. Just click on “Edit This Template” and add your image to the mockup.

1. Apple Watch Closeup

Mockup template of a man wearing an Apple smartwatch on the left hand. Click on the screen to upload your own content and make a smartwatch mockup in a matter of seconds.

2. Apple Smartwatch on White Surface

Mockup generator template of an Apple smartwatch with white wristband over a white background. For a great contrast, upload your own dark screenshot which really pops from the smartwatch screen.

3. Apple Smartwatch and iPhone XS on Table

Mockup template with a closeup view of Apple smartwatch and iPhone XS on a white desk surface. It’s the perfect scene for displaying your smartwatch and iPhone app design idea or concept. Like bread and butter.

4. Smartwatch Next to Apple Airpods

An Apple Watch mockup template with Airpods. This is the ego-to mockup if your app is related to music. After all, time flies when you’re listening to music.

5. Apple Watch on Macbook

It’s the gathering of the Apples! A mockup generator featuring an Apple smartwatch lying on a Macbook laptop keyboard and an iPhone shining next to it. Click on the watch screen to upload your own app design and make this mockup timeless!

6. Apple Smartwatch Lying Next to iPhone X

Mockup generator featuring closeup shot of an Apple smartwatch on a white desk next to an iPhone X. Upload your image and showcase a design idea or UI feature of an Apple watch application.

7. Man in Suit Wearing Apple Watch Mockup

Mockup of a businessman wearing an Apple Watch. Use this to showcase an app meant for busy businesspeople.

8. Apple Smartwatch on White Background

Prefer something minimalistic? Let your design stand out for itself on this Apple Watch on a white background.

9. Closeup Man Wearing Apple Watch

A closeup shot of a man wearing an Apple Smartwatch. Click on the screen and upload your own image to display in this beautiful mockup scene.

10. Smartwatch Lying Next to Airpods and Macbook

Make a professional showcase of your Apple Watch app with this template. An online mockup featuring an Apple smartwatch on a white desk next to a Macbook laptop and Airpods.

11. Closeup Apple Watch Mockup

Upload your screenshot onto this beautiful mockup scene featuring a closeup shot of an Apple smartwatch lying on a white desk. The white background and black watch form a great contrast!

12. Closeup Person Using Smartwatch

Display a screenshot of your existing smartwatch app or visualize your idea for a new application. This mockup shows how easy to use your app is.

13. Man Wearing Smartwatch Outdoors in the Rain

Those are either raindrops or tears of a very sad man! A mockup generator featuring a man wearing an Apple smartwatch outdoors during the rain.

14. Man Wearing Smartwatch in the Winter

Get the time right with this mockup generator template of a man wearing an Apple smartwatch outdoors during the winter. It’s freezing outside and this guy seems to be cool!

15. Apple Smartwatch Screen Mockup

This is a great minimal scene setup for putting your content in the spotlight and right in the middle of the image.

16. Man Wearing Apple Watch Mockup

Apple Watch – it doesn’t just tell time, it tells history. Oh wait, that might have been an advertisement for some other clock? Anyway, if you’ve got something to showcase on an Apple Watch screen then this mockup template is a great way to make it happen.

17. Woman Showcasing Apple Smartwatch Screen Mockup Generator

Who said a smartwatch can’t be a fashion accessory? A mockup template with a woman showing off her Apple smartwatch screen.

Find even more Apple Watch mockups for any occasion here. You’ll be sure to impress everyone with these designs.

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