Best 25 Testimonial Post Templates for Social Media


If you’ve got happy customers, then don’t be shy about it!

Social proof is one of the best ways ever to boost conversions for your business.

Use this collection of customer quote, review, feedback and testimonial design templates for showcasing how satisfied people are with your product or service.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an online service or a physical product your offering! People will always follow the herd, because social proof confirms that there are real people already using your product.

Each template is easily editable online, no third party software needed, so simply replace the text with your own and make an engaging testimonial post in no time!

Post the completed designs to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and trust me… you don’t have to beg likes for these posts, as good customer feedback is worth more than gold and it spreads faster than a virus does!

1. Professional Business Testimonial Template

A professional and business themed client testimonial post for showing a positive review on social media. Add your own text and image.

2. Restaurant Review Post Template

A positive and bright customer feedback template for posting to social media. Add your own client feedback and background image.

3. Pink Testimonial Design Template

A minimal design template for making a social media post with client feedback. Change the background color, and add your own feedback info.

4. Circular Customer Feedback Template

A circular client Testimonial Post template with a green/blue theme. Add your own text and color scheme for a beautiful social media post.

5. Handwritten Review Post Template

A creative Testimonial Post design with the concept of client writing a feedback letter with ink. Add your own best positive review and showcase it to the world.

6. Fashion Product Review Template

Use this fashion and apparel design template for making a positive review themed post about a product or service.

7. Positive Customer Review Template

A beautiful customer feedback themed design template featuring a speech box and a placeholder for an image.

8. Five Star Rating Customer Review

A Minimal and modern customer feedback themed social media post template with stars, stripes and a circle

9. Business Testimonial Design

A professional customer review social media post template with minimal style and simple color scheme. Add your own picture and text.

10. Client Feedback Social Media Post

A beautiful customer review themed design template for showcasing a positive review on Instagram or social media. A sunset background with square frames for text.

11. Colorful Customer Review Quote Template

A beautiful customer feedback themed social media post template featuring a colorful background and placeholders for your own text and image.

12. Positive Testimonial Template

A blue themed testimonial post template featuring a circle quote area and a placeholder for an image.

13. Design Service Feedback Template

A colorful client testimonial design template featuring colorful pencils and a cloud background. A great template for a design and art related service review.

14. Happy Customer Feedback Template

A creative client review and testimonial design template featuring a star and blurred city background. Add your own quote and image.

15. Gamer Review Social Media Post

A gaming themed review and feedback testimonial post design for social media.

16. Colorful Design Feedback Template

A colorful design template for showcasing a positive review for your company. Insert a positive client feedback in the circle on watercolor background.

17. Pink Customer Testimonial Template

Use this design template to showcase your positive feedback from clients in social media. Add a review from your client and make a testimonial post in no time.

18. Fashion and Beauty Product Review Template

A simple, modern and elegant design to showcase the best reviews for your company products and accessories.

19. Product Review Post Maker

Make a beautiful review themed Instagram post with this design template featuring a round product picture in the middle.

20. Food Review Social Media Post

A food themed positive review post template for social media. If there was no fly in your soup, then say thanks!

21. Makeup Product Testimonial Template

Use this beautiful design template for making a positive review for a fashion or make-up product on social media.

22. Makeup and Fashion Product Feedback Design

Make a beautiful and pink themed product review post for social media. Add your own product image and feedback text.

23. Positive Customer Quote Template

A minimal and beautiful designer made template to be used to showcase a positive review for your product, brand or service.

24. Product Review from Customer Template

Use this beautiful design template for making a product review and feedback themed social media post.

25. Happy Customer Rating & Testimonial Template

A space themed testimonial post template featuring a square quote area and a placeholder for an image.


So how was it? Did you find a suitable template for a quick testimonial themed social media post?

If not, browse our entire category of design templates, which includes hundreds of beautiful templates. Maybe you’ll find a different design which you can customize for your needs!

Or head over to our Free Design Maker and create your own design from scratch, but don’t forget to find some more inspiration first!

Whats the best thing about these templates and Mediamodifier?

In addition to the fact that these templates can easily be edited online, you can also post each design directly to Facebook or Twitter.

You don’t have to even visit these sites individually, because our Social Media Publish features allows you to design and publish your content to multiple platforms without ever leaving our site.

Want to learn more about what Mediamodifier can do for your business? Keep reading here!

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