How to Add Animated GIF to an Image

September 7th 2022
3 minute read

Marketing is all about grabbing attention and getting your message out there.

Animated GIFs are an ideal way to achieve this.

With the technique described below, you can turn any regular static photo into a fantastic picture with animated effects.

However, it is sometimes hard to add a GIF to a simple static image or photo, even when using the most powerful Adobe tools like Photoshop, because none of the tools are specifically made for this task.

Fortunately, there’s also a brilliantly simple and free way to add an animated GIF or transparent sticker to your photo online by using the Mediamodifier Design Editor.

It’s just as simple as adding a sticker to your photo on social media!

Here’s how:

1) Open our Free GIF Editor

Create a free account and sign in at

Using the basic features like creating your designs, uploading images, and making GIFs are all included in the free forever account.

2) Upload your picture

Once you’ve signed in, simply:

  1. Drag and drop your image onto the canvas to upload it;
  2. or use the Photos tab in the sidebar to search and insert millions of high-quality and free images (provided by Unsplash)
Add image or photo
Drag and drop your picture or use one from Unsplash

The photos you upload (and the designs you make) will be saved to your account.

3) Choose a GIF from GIPHY

Next, click the GIF tab and use the search bar to find an animated GIF or sticker you need. provides the integration, so millions of GIFs can choose from.

Use the search bar to and filter between GIFs vs. Stickers (fancy name for transparent GIFs)

Note: currently, you can’t upload your own custom GIFs.

4) Move, resize and place the GIF anywhere

You can quickly move and scale the GIF and place it anywhere on the designs.

Insert GIFs or stickers and move them around

Tip: you can also send the GIF behind other objects, for example, text, by using the “Bring Forward” and “Send Backwards” commands when right-clicking on the GIF.

5) Download the picture as an animated GIF

Easy as that…

Now click the Download button and select GIF as your download option.

Depending on the size and length of your GIF, it might take a minute or less to complete, but once finished, the download will start automatically.

Hold on…

optimize animated gif
Even a short GIF can become over 50MB in size because of a high-resolution source photo.

Here are some pro tips for making an animated GIF:

  1. Check the image size – animated GIFs might become huge because of a large photo or many frames. Make sure you set the entire canvas smaller, even before you start adding a GIF to your image.

    Click on the canvas size on the top -> choose Custom size -> set a smaller size. Size around 300-500px (on the longer side) is ideal for an animated GIF:

2. Optimize your GIF – even when you made a small GIF, it’s still probably too big. Use the best GIF tool, ezGIF, to optimize it (30% is usually a great option).

That’s it

Now you know how easy it is to add animated GIF images into any static photo by using our simple design online tools.

Have fun!

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