The 10 Best Mockups For Promoting Your Digital Product

July 22nd 2019
5 minute read

The 10 Best Mockups For Promoting Your Digital Product

Have you ever bought something just because the box looks great?

When you shop for physical items in a store then you often make a purchase decision based on how attractive the box or package looks like. It may be that the package includes a delicious picture or the design simply looks very professional.

We all know that content is king in the digital world, so it’s also very important to showcase your digital products in a very attractive way on the internet.

If you don’t present your online product professionally or in a creative way, then chances are that you are going to miss out on a lot of potential downloads, even on a free product!

Over the last 5 years we’ve created more than a thousand product mockups, so we know what will work best and which templates are the most popular among marketers.

So let’s jump in – here are our 10 best digital product mockups:

A Standing Software Box Mockup Generator

standing product box cover mockup template online
A plain simple product box which comes in many shapes and sizes. A perfect mockup for making a digital paper box for your online product. Download as a transparent PNG or use it with a solid color background. However don’t let the name fool you, this box is not only for software – use it to illustrate a download bundle, subscription service… or anything really!

An Online Magazine Cover Mockup Generator

free digital online magazine cover mockup maker
This mockup can be used to showcase a digital publication such as a magazine or a blog. A free template featuring a thin magazine lying on a solid color (or transparent) background. A perfect template for adding a bit of 3D to your design.

Digital E-Book Cover with iPad Mockup Generator

If content is king, then a writer is a god! Electronic book are probably one of the first and most popular digital products on the internet. Use this mockup template to showcase your book cover design and make it instantly obvious that your book is available as a physical copy and also as a digital download. A 3D mockup with a standing book and an iPad tablet computer.

Website or Online Application Mockup Generator

responsive website mockup with multi devices
It’s an Apple party! The perfect template for displaying a fully responsive web application on all the Apple devices. Front view of a Macbook Pro, iMac display, black iPad and iPhone isolated over a transparent PNG background. Use this mockup template to showcase your website or online SaaS product design and branding.

Online Report or PDF Book Mockup Generator

digital report book cover mockup generator template psd online
Books and reports in PDF format are hugely popular among digital products. Want to learn code or get rich quick? There are probably hundreds of PDF books on these topics! Upload your own digital book cover onto this template and give it a professional 3D look. Most suitable for reports, tutorials, food menu, diet, gym plan or tutorial.

Digital Audiobook or Audio Course Mockup Generator

digital e-book audiobook online mockup generator
Audiobooks and audio courses are also a super popular these days. This mockup template makes it clear that your book is available however you want it – a paper copy, kindle e book or as an mp3 audiobook on your digital device. A perfect mockup for promoting an online course such as learning a language or a new skill.

Digital Software or Web App Mockup Generator

This mockup template features a standing software box together with a Macbook laptop and an iPhone XS. A great concept for illustrating an all-in-the-box product or a service that comes in a bundle. We all want the best software, and this mockup gives your product a nice professional 3D look… unless you’re secretly adding spyware into your code?

Online Video Course or Tutorial Mockup Generator

online youtube video course mockup generator
Video is the new king of online content. If your company is not producing any online videos then you’re going to be left behind! This mockup makes it super easy to create a video thumbnail image for advertising your content. Simply place your image inside the template and make it look like as a Youtube video thumbnail. Great for making links to Youtube videos.

Online Advertising Design Mockup Generator

facebook social ad mockup generator
Using this mockup will Make Zuckerberg happy! The template features a blank Facebook ad post design so you can easily preview how your advertising concept would look like on Facebook. Advertising on social media is a multi-billion industry, so you want to get it right and stand out from the competition – use this mockup to preview your ad design ideas.

Logo or Stamp Design Mockup Generator

Every business needs a logo, and for many designers, making logos is a good business! This mockup template can be used to showcase a logo or stamp design – an (almost) realistic 3D scene featuring a round wooden stamp on the edge of a paper. Simply upload your own logo or stamp idea and give your design a 3D background scene.

What products are you selling?

Did you find a match for your product? There are hundreds of digital products you can sell online, so don’t worry if you didn’t find a mockup you need right away!

Our template library includes over 2000 mockups – maybe you’ll find a perfect template after a bit of browsing.

The best part? As a part of our mockup generator, all these templates are easily editable online. Upload your product image with no effort and create a mockup in seconds – this is what Mediamodifier is all about.

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