32 Spooky Halloween Design Templates for Social Media

October 3rd 2021
6 minute read

Halloween marks the beginning of an epic sales period lasting well into the beginning of the new year. You have Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday and Christmas following the spooky October holiday.

Attention from a well-organized Halloween special or campaign can get the snowball rolling and mark the beginning of a great sales period! You’ll need great visuals to stand out from the mass of Halloween campaigns.

The good news is that creating stunning visuals has never been easier! Here are 32 spook-tacular Halloween design templates that will make people stop scrolling for a second.

All templates are fully customizable. Click on “Edit This Template” below your favorite one and personalize the colors, layout, message, font and visuals to suit your brand.

1. Halloween Invitation

Halloween Invitation Greeting Card Template

What’s more Halloween-worthy than jars filled with with green slime, frog, eyeballs and brains. Use this to invite your followers or friends to an epic spooky party.

2. Happy Halloween Instagram Post

Happy Halloween Instagram Post

Sometimes all you need is a simple greeting to post on your Instagram feed. This template does the trick!

3. Love You to Death Halloween Design

Halloween Love Instagram Post Template

If you’re someone who loves puns, this design is perfect! Only a zombie could literally love someone to death.

4. Halloween Instagram Template

Halloween Invitation Instagram Template

Although initially created as an event invitation, this template could easily be edited to advertise a sales campaign or share a general greeting.

5. Halloween Sale Discount Instagram Story Template

Halloween Sale Discount Instagram Story Template

Promote your Halloween offer with this black and orange Instagram Story template featuring jack-o-lanterns, bats and a creepy tree.

6. Halloween Discount Offer Facebook Post

Halloween Discount Offer Facebook Post

Next up in the Halloween design templates is this minimal design perfect for almost any business. Use a pumpkin orange shade to bring out your discount percentage.

7. Halloween Sale Banner Template

Halloween Sale Banner Template

This design template works for both generic “Happy Halloween” messages as well as scary good discounts.

8. Halloween Pattern Facebook Post Template

Halloween Pattern Facebook Post Template

Let’s be honest. Not everyone is a fan of the fright-filled holiday and spooky Halloween design templates. Stand out from the rest with a more friendly Halloween-themed pattern with cute ghosts, pumpkins, leaves and bats.

9. Halloween Design Template

Halloween Themed T-Shirt Design Template

Originally created as a t-shirt design, this Halloween illustration would work perfectly as an Instagram Story post as well. You can change the colors of the vector elements to impress your followers with a clever design.

10. Halloween Party Invitation

Halloween Party Invitation Template

Combining spider webs and a jack-o-lantern just screams Halloween. Use it to invite people to a spooktacular party or scare them with a mind-blowing sale.

11. Halloween Post with Zombie Illustration

Halloween Party Teaser Template

Let your audience know of a sale or event that will knock them dead. Whether you’re posting about a costume party or want to let them know about a fabulous Halloween offer, edit this template to make it your own.

12. Halloween Sale Banner Template

Halloween Sale Banner Template

20% off! 30% off! 40% off! 50% off! Here’s a quirky creative Halloween discount sale themed banner for Facebook and Instagram.

13. Halloween Ghosts Post Template

Halloween Ghosts Instagram Post Template

Be aware! Do you think these ghosts are spooky enough to scare away bad spirits?

14. Big Halloween Sale Instagram Post

Big Halloween Sale Instagram Post

Make the most of this illustrated template featuring friendly ghosts to advertise your Halloween sale. Is one of these Casper?

15. Halloween Holiday Wishes Template with Spiders

Halloween Holiday Wishes Template with Spiders

This design is perfectly versatile to use for Halloween greetings cards, t-shirts, posters, banners or social media wishes. The illustrated spiders on a pink background make it just the right balance of spooky, but not frightening.

16. Halloween Holiday Wishes with Full Moon Illustration

Halloween Holiday Wishes Template with Full Moon Illustration

During Halloween this year, the moon is a mere crescent. A full moon would suit the mood a lot better, so let’s pretend with this gorgeous illustration.

17. Halloween Template With Ghost

Halloween Holiday Wishes Template With Ghost

Boo! The friendly ghost and his bats wish you and your followers a Happy Halloween.

18. Scary Pumpkin Halloween Template

Scary Pumpkin Halloween Template

There’s nothing more Halloween-themed than jack-o-lanterns and witch hats. Use this design template to wish your followers a happy celebration.

19. Happy Halloween Wishes Template

Happy Halloween Wishes Template

With this design, the focus is on stunning typography. If the font doesn’t hypnotize you, the bat’s eyes will. Definitely one of our favorite Halloween design templates.

20. Purple Halloween Greetings Template

Halloween Greetings Card Template

Use this template to share greetings from the friendliest Halloween cat and pumpkin.

21. Halloween Wishes Card

Halloween Wishes Card

Most of the templates above don’t leave much room for text. If you want to share a quote or just write more information, Witch Amanda and her bewitched pumpkin are here to help! If you’re not a fan of cursive, there are plenty of other fonts to choose from.

22. Jack-o-Lantern Pattern Halloween Post

Horror Halloween Wishes Template

Here’s a simple, creative jack-o-lantern pattern background to use for your Halloween greetings.

23. Halloween Greeting Template with Ghost Illustration

Halloween Greeting Template with Ghost

Happy Halloween! That’s all.

24. Illustrated Halloween Symbols Social Media Template

Halloween Greetings Design Template

Frankenstein’s Monster, Jack-o-Lanterns, Grim Reaper and Zombies – all of the legendary Halloween icons are here.

25. Horror Pumpkin Design Template

Horror Pumpkin Design Template

A spider has made a home inside of a pumpkin which created a stunning visual. It’s a bit more spooky than some of the rest, thus sure to grab the attention of your followers.

26. Ghost Halloween Design Template

Ghost Halloween Design Template

Be afraid. Very afraid. Of all the great deals you’re offering this Halloween!

27. Halloween Greeting Template with Cat and Pumpkin

Halloween Greeting Template with Cat and Pumpkin

The cat and pumpkin look like they’re up to something. Wish your audience a terrific Halloween with this social media design. In addition, would look awesome on a t-shirt or mug.

28. Halloween Greeting Template with Bat and Full Moon

Halloween Greeting Template with Bat and Full Moon

What a cute little bat. He says, “Happy Halloween to you” while flying over a full moon.

29. Mummy Halloween Greeting

Halloween Greeting Card Template With Muzzle

I know what we’ve been missing so far. Mummies! Use this cute illustration to wish your followers a Happy Halloween on your Instagram Story.

30. Ghosts Greeting Card Happy Halloween Design

Ghosts Greeting Card Happy Halloween Design

It looks like the ghosts have escaped and come out to dance. Use this illustration for your next Instagram Story.

31. Trick or Treat Party Invitation Design

Trick or Treat Party Invitation Design

Hosting a trick or treat party? Invite all your customers and friends to come along with this Story template.

32. Happy Halloween Design Template

Happy Halloween Greeting Card Template

Finally, here are a couple of scary ghosts yelling boo. Perfect for any Halloween post.

Find even more Halloween design templates and mockups here. Happy Spooky Season!

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