The Top LinkedIn Updates You Must Know for 2021

LinkedIn, arguably the world’s largest professional network with over 700 million global users, recently launched a number of much-needed updates.

From tools and features to increase connections and improve communication to a new visual overhaul, we’ve covered the most important updates:

Staying connected

The biggest update is undoubtedly the introduction of Stories. If you’ve been around social media at all for the past couple of years, you are probably well familiar with Stories.

LinkedIn Story Feature

LinkedIn, however, is taking the idea a step further: LinkedIn Stories will allow users to connect with others in a more personal way, serve as a sort of virtual “water cooler moments”.

Additionally, LinkedIn is updating their direct messaging system, adding new features such as video chat to help people stay connected.

Improved search

LinkedIn’s team is also working on search updates that will improve engagement across the platform.

LinkedIn search feature update

Previously, the search would normally produce results in terms of people and companies, but the new update makes it easier than ever to use LinkedIn search to find jobs, professional courses, events, and other relevant content.

Visual overhaul

In addition to the functional changes, LinkedIn also boasts a new visual overhaul, complete with a warmer color palette and blue and green accents.

New LinkedIn website layout

The goal is to make the platform softer and friendlier in appearance. Further updates include a more streamlined design with more white space, fewer divider lines, and decorative icons.

The visual overhaul is a fantastic opportunity to refresh your professional or business profile—make sure to choose shades and elements that will complement the new LinkedIn design (more on this later).


Last, but certainly not least, LinkedIn is also rolling new accessibility features as part of the platform’s inclusivity efforts.

New layout decisions and brand new elements allow for bigger touch targets and text scaling; there’s also an increased contrast for readability to improve the overall LinkedIn experience.

What do the new LinkedIn updates mean for you (and your business)?

The new features make staying connected or finding jobs and professional opportunities easier than ever, so that’s great news.

The visual changes, however, might mean your profile is less impactful (and as we all know, humans are visual creatures).

So make sure to take advantage of the new update and head to Mediamodifier to experiment and find the best, most creative way to display your profile info and company on LinkedIn to drive engagement and make a lasting first impression.

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