Best LinkedIn Image and Video Sizes

A recent survey discovered that 36% of marketers spend 1/3 of their budget on visual content, which once again highlights the importance of making sure you know your social media inside and out.

It’s a common misconception that LinkedIn is a bland professional network where the information you share trumps the visual feel of the content.

As we know, we, humans, are visual creatures and in 2020, nailing the right size and look for a LinkedIn post or profile is of the essence.

What’s the right size for a LinkedIn image?

As with any other type of social media, the right LinkedIn image size depends on the type of image.

As a rule-of-thumb, LinkedIn, like Twitter, recommends an aspect ratio of 1.91:1. There are some subtle differences between the ideal image size for personal and company pages, so we’ve compiled a neat table to help you.

Type of ImageMinimum SizeRecommended Size
Personal Profile Picture130 x 130 px400 x 400 px
Personal Profile BG1584 x 396 px
LinkedIn Post1200 x 628 px (Desktop)1200 x 1200 px (Mobile)
Company Logo 300 x 300 px
Company Cover1128 x 376 px1536 x 768 px
LinkedIn Video254 x 144 px4096 x 2304 px (max)

The perfect LinkedIn profile picture

How do you get more clicks on your LinkedIn profile? Surveys show that profiles with a professional headshot receive, on average, 14 times more views.

They’re also more likely to receive messages (36 times more likely).

As with Facebook, the ideal LinkedIn profile picture shows your face – the eyes and, if possible, a smile.

Make sure you look approachable: professional doesn’t have to mean stern.

And don’ forget to add a Background Image for your personal profile.

LinkedIn official recommendations for a background:

  • A photo that captures your personality;
  • Memorable moments of your team;
  • Photo that highlights a milestone in your career.

LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn Videos are a great way to connect with your followers and boost your profile—be it corporate or personal.

The recommended size for LinkedIn videos is no less than 254 x 144 pixels, but for maximum resolution, the larger the size, the better (the maximum is 4096 x 2304 pixels).

In terms of length, keep your LinkedIn videos to 10 minutes or shorter.

However, if you’re running a video ad, experts recommend making it even punchier as your audience’s attention begins to wane after as little as 10 seconds.

Save Time with LinkedIn Templates!

Getting your LinkedIn Image or Video size right can be a tricky task, that is, unless you use a template!

There are tens of beautiful and useful templates which will help you get a head start with LinkedIn marketing, building a compelling business page or creating a personal profile.

Try them all for free:

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