Visualize the Perfect TikTok Ads for Your Clients

If you want to promote a business online, you don't want to overlook TikTok. You can go viral and skyrocket sales with just one video - and using their ad features increases your chances exponentially. 

That’s where we come in - our TikTok ad mockup tool makes your work a lot easier by quickly generating realistic previews of your videos. 

Ideal for social media marketers, content creators, and entrepreneurs, Mediamodifier saves a lot of time and effort by speeding up your process. You will be able to quickly spot any mistakes or adjustments that you want to make without having to publish any content.

TikTok Ad Mockups FAQ

What is a TikTok Ad mockup?

A TikTok Mockup is a custom-designed visual (image or video) created to showcase a social media post or ad to a client or team without actually posting it online.

Yes. The Instagram carousel ad mockups can be used in 2 ways. First option is to only display the first carousel slide. For the second method you can make all the carousel slides visible, by clicking the toggle button in the options menu. It's a great way to visualize your entire Instagram Carousel Ad campaign in one picture.

Yes. Ads are displayed differently on the TikTok ‘For you’ page, and our tool will help you visualize them exactly as they will look.

TikTok ad mockups are useful for checking your ads before they go live. In addition, our tool lets you generate different options which can then be forwarded to your clients or teammates for feedback and approval.

Using our tool, click directly on the ad preview to insert your own TikTok video content and replace the texts. It’s a real-time mockup and the changes will be saved in your browser, so you can come back and finish the editing later.

This tool is an easy and fast way to preview your videos in mobile and desktop resolutions without any software downloads.

TikTok allows ads as short as 5 seconds, with a maximum length of 60 seconds. They recommend you aim for 9 to 15 seconds which is the sweet spot for a short and engaging ad.

Yes, TikTok allows image ads on their platform. You can create a preview by simply uploading a static image instead of a TikTok video.  

Unfortunately, no. This tool is only made for preview purposes. It's meant for social media managers and marketers to visualize their ad campaigns and to get quick feedback from clients.

For video ads, you should upload videos with minimum size and aspect ratios of 9:16 (540x960px), 1:1 (640x640px), or 16:9 (960x540px). 

For image ads, it’s recommended you use images with a resolution of 1200x628px.

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