Visualize the Perfect Google Ads for Your Clients 

Our Google Ad Mockup tool is here to make the so everlasting battle against the Google algorithm easier. 

This was created with marketers in mind - using our smart tool, you can get realistic previews of your advertisements without much hassle. 

The Mediamodifier search engine marketing tool is fantastic for reducing time spent on search engine marketing. Regardless of what changes you need to make to your ads, you can spot them right away without having to make the campaign go live.


Google Ad Mockups FAQ


What is an advertisement mockup? 

An advertisement mockup is a custom-designed image created to showcase an online ad to a client or team.


Is an ad mockup different from a regular Google search mockup? 

Yes. Ads are displayed differently on the Google search results page, and our tool will help you visualize them exactly as they will look. 


Why do I need a Google ad mockup?

Google ad mockups are useful for generating previews of your ads before they go live. Our tool lets you generate different options which can then be analyzed, compared, and presented to your clients or teammates. Moreover, it helps you see the design in its final form and size, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments before publishing. 


How to make a Google ad mockup?

You can make a Google search ad mockup with our tool. You can start by clicking directly on the text to insert your own content. Download the final result in JPG or PNG format.

This tool is the easiest and fastest way to preview various formats and resolutions, directly in the browser and without any additional downloads. 


Can I create a real Google ad with the mockup generator?

Unfortunately, no. This tool is only made for preview and visualization purposes. It's meant for marketers to visualize their ad campaigns and to get quick feedback from clients.


Why can’t I create an expanded text ad?

Starting June of 2022, Google has eliminated the option of creating expanded text ads.


What is the best text length for Google SERP ads?

For their search ads, Google allows 3 headlines of up to 30 characters each, and 2 descriptions of up to 90 characters each. 


What is the best image size for Google SERP ads?

The best Google ad size as of 2022 is a square format. While the minimum size accepted is 300x300px, the recommended size is 1200×1200px. View our detailed social media size guide for all Google post sizes.


Is the Google ad mockup generator a free tool?

All of our social media mockups are included in the Mediamodifier PRO subscription. However, the mockups can be tried for free - you can still insert your content for preview purposes, but final full-size downloads are limited to PRO members.


Do you have more tools or resources for Google marketers?

Absolutely! Visit our blog for a ton of marketing tips, templates, and know-how articles about creating engaging content: