Must Try: 9 Volatile and Practical Collage Mockup Templates

November 16th 2022
2 minute read

You can use these mockup templates to digitally create a realistic-looking photo collage without printing anything out.

The collages come in handy for a variety of marketing purposes, product listings, fun presentations, and more. All you have to do is upload your images, and we will do the rest.

For more photo mockups, check out our entire collection:

Dual Photo Mockup with Illustrated Background

Create a fantastic photo collage with this template. Simply click on the placeholder and upload your images.

Multiple Photos Mockup with Illustrated Background

Create a cool online photo collage with this template. Click on the placeholders to upload your own images.

Photo Mockup Taped in Green Wall

This green photo mockup template is ideal for creating a quick but beautiful online collage.

Collage Mockup Taped in White Wall

Mockup template featuring five photos with different sizes and resolutions. Upload your own images to preview the final image.

Photo Collage Mockup with Text and Flower Background

Mockup template for creating a quick but beautiful online photo collage. Upload your images to preview them on the placeholder.

GTA Style Photo Collage Mockup Generator Template

Use this mockup template to create a collage, GTA-style. Add images by clicking on the placeholders and uploading your files.

Vertical and Horizontal Photos Mockup

This is a beautiful, minimalistic photo mockup template featuring a simple grid background and a fern.

Square Photo Mockup Taped in Illustrated Wall

Tape your favorite pictures on a wall without having to print them using this mockup generator template featuring a stripy wall and colorful tape.

Square Photos Taped to Wall with Shadows Mockup

Create a realistic image with this photograph mockup template featuring brown tape, natural lighting and shadows.

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