How to Use the Mediamodifier Mockup Generator for Free

July 19th 2022
5 minute read

We pride ourselves on helping individuals and teams of all sizes to create professional visuals and mockups for their business and marketing needs. This is why we offer a free Mediamodifier account for anyone to try out.

Built for entrepreneurs and marketers, we are more than just an online graphic design tool. Our extensive mockup library and mockup generator, easy-to-use drag-and-drop design templates, intuitive design maker along with our NFT maker, mockup API, and print-on-demand plugin are all aimed at one thing: to help you get your work done better and faster.

Best of all, did you know you can use Mediamodifier’s mockup generator along with all our design tools listed above for free? Many have asked us about this, and we thought we should shout it out – the quickest and easiest way to try Mediamodifier is to sign up for our free Starter account!

Starter – the free Mediamodifier account

Starter is the basic plan we offer to everyone – individuals and teams – who wants to try Mediamodifier for free. It includes a limited selection of templates and features. To help you understand our free Mediamodifier account better, we’ve compiled some FAQs about our basic plan for you!

Does Mediamodifier have a free plan?

Yes, we do! The Starter plan is our basic plan that everyone can get and use for free.

How can I sign up for a free Mediamodifier account?

You can sign up for your free Mediamodifier account by clicking on the “Get Started” button on our homepage, or by clicking here. You will then be brought to a form where you can choose how you would like to sign up.

We offer 3 signup options:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Email address

What do I get with Starter – Mediamodifier’s free account?

With Starter, Mediamodifier’s free account, you get:

  • access to our marketing tools, such as our mockup generator and our design maker
  • over 100 free design templates
  • a selection of free mockups from various categories 
  • 1300+ free fonts from Google
  • Unsplash & GIPHY integration

In addition, you get to:

  • Try all Premium mockups
  • Create and save your designs
  • Download or embed your designs
  • Publish your designs to your social media
  • Display your designs on your website
  • Use your designs for your marketing
  • Upload one of your own PSD files to mockups

Can I use the images and mockups I created on Mediamodifier for my marketing, website, and social media?

Yes, you are allowed to download and use the images and mockups you created with Mediamodifier for your marketing, website, and social media channels.

Can I print the images and mockups I created on Mediamodifier?

You are allowed to download, print, and use images and mockups you created with Mediamodifier for your marketing purposes.

Can I use Mediamodifier for free forever?

Of course – we don’t plan on removing Starter, Mediamodifier’s free account. 

And here comes the biggest question of all about our free plan:

Do I have to upgrade my Mediamodifer account?

While the short answer is no, you may want to consider upgrading to Mediamodifier’s Professional plan or Team plan for various reasons such as:

  • Access to thousands of mockups and professional design templates

Our paid plans, Professional and Team, give you access to over 8,000 professional design templates – 80 times more templates than our free Starter plan.

  • Unlimited file storage

Store as many mockups and design templates as you want with our Professional and Team plans.

  • File organization

Organize your mockups and designs into projects that you can name with our Professional and Team plans. This will help you save time when you want to look for your design file and also helps with easier access, especially if you have multiple team members on our Team plan.

  • Multiple users in for one business account

Working with a team? Our Team plan allows you to have up to 5 team members, including one assigned admin.

  • Shared team assets

With our Team plan, you can easily share and access design files amongst those you work closest with. 

  • Brand assets and color palettes

Creating mockups and designs that adhere to your brand book and brand’s design personality is important especially if you are using Mediamodifier for work! Our Professional and Team plans allow you to upload brand assets so that they are on hand for you (and your team) anytime you need them. You can also set up or create color palettes for your brand/company, and anything else you need it for!

Which Mediamodifier subscription do I need?

Head over to our Pricing page to get more details about our offers. Here is a summary:

100 free templates to get you started✔️✔️✔️
Create and save your designs✔️✔️✔️
1300+ free fonts✔️✔️✔️
Unsplash & GIPHY integration✔️✔️✔️
Download or embed your designs✔️✔️✔️
Publish to social media✔️✔️✔️
8000+ professional templates✔️✔️
Unlimited downloads✔️✔️
Brand assets and color palettes✔️✔️
Unlimited file storage✔️✔️
Organize your work into projects✔️✔️
5 team members (90 USD / year for every additional member)✔️
Assigned team admin✔️
Central billing✔️
Shared team assets✔️

Mediamodifier is the perfect marketing tool for individuals and agile teams of all sizes.  Keen on elevating your marketing content with Mediamodifier? Sign up for your free account now!

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