Maximize Customer Loyalty with 12 Awesome Customizable Reward Card Templates

January 27th 2023
3 minute read

We just added 12 stunning and fully customizable reward card templates to our collection.

To survive and succeed in today’s competitive business environment, standing out and attracting customers is crucial. Offering reward programs is an effective way to accomplish this and encourage repeat business.

A reward card is a brilliant idea for companies and organizations looking to create a loyalty program that is easy to manage and customize. You can use these Mediamodifier reward card templates to increase customer engagement and retention and generate your own in seconds.

PS. Our business card mockups can also be used to preview these designs!

Loyalty Reward Card Design Template

Use this loyalty card template to design the perfect rewards system for your business. Change the texts and colors using the settings on the left.

Red Rewards Card Design Template

This loyalty rewards card template can be used to design a unique product. Change the background color and text before downloading.

Minimalist Loyalty Card Design Template

Use this pastel loyalty punch card template to design a rewards system for your business.

Template for Lavander Loyalty Card Design Template

Reward your customers with an easy-to-track reward system. Design your very own using our template.

Holiday Rewards Card Design Template

Use this holiday-inspired card to incentivize your customers to purchase more by rewarding them. You can customize the template as you wish.

Minimalist Reward Card Template With Blue Accents

This minimalistic design is ideal for creating a reward card to hand out to your customers.

Minimalist Cafe Rewards Card Template

Create a fun stamp card for your coffee shop using this template. Feel free to change the background color and the text.

Coffee Loyalty Card Customizable Template

Do you want to reward your most loyal clients? Then, create a loyalty card system to make your customers want to come back more and more!

Scannable Reward Loyalty Card Design Template

Use this fun template to generate a scannable card for your customers for loyalty points.

Loyalty Card Design Template With Two Sides

This fun template allows you to customize both sides of a loyalty card.

Red Loyalty Card Design Template With Two Sides

Design both sides of this card before printing it and handing it to customers. You can edit the text and the colors.

Dual Orange Loyalty Reward Card Design Template

Use this excellent retro-looking template to generate a dual-sided scannable card that you can hand out to your customers for loyalty points.

In conclusion, using customizable reward card templates is an effective way for businesses to create and manage loyalty programs that will help them attract and retain customers. These templates provide you with flexibility and control, allowing you to tailor your rewards program to suit your unique business needs and goals. With these templates, easily create, edit and print professional-looking reward cards to incentivize repeat business.

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