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  • Facebook Image and Video Size Guide for 2021

    There’s one secret to social media success: visual content. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are primarily driven by visual content and businesses are quickly catching on. In fact, a recent study found that 36% of marketers plan to spend a third (or more) of their budget on visual content. Facebook remains the world’s […]

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  • The History of Vector Graphics

    If you’re an artist or a digital creator, you probably feel quite confident talking about vectors. But few of us have ever stopped to think about the humble beginnings of vector graphics or consider the huge impact they’ve had on the graphics industry in general. That’s why we decided to take you on a brief […]

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  • 6 Mind-Blowing Facts About Adobe

    If you’re in the creative industry, we don’t need to convince you of the usefulness of Adobe products. The company portfolio of software products has proven invaluable to graphic designers, web designers, illustrators, and marketing professionals across the globe. Today, we’re here to get you even more acquainted with your favorite products and company with […]

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  • The Top LinkedIn Updates You Must Know for 2021

    LinkedIn, arguably the world’s largest professional network with over 700 million global users, recently launched a number of much-needed updates. From tools and features to increase connections and improve communication to a new visual overhaul, we’ve covered the most important updates: Staying connected The biggest update is undoubtedly the introduction of Stories. If you’ve been […]

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  • 4 Great Starter Graphic Design Courses to Learn For Free

    Looking to branch out or start a career in graphic design? Picking up new skills is easier than ever, thanks to the abundance of online courses. Many of them are offered by top universities and leading e-leading platforms… and even better, are 100% free. We at Mediamodifier rolled up our sleeves to help you hone […]

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  • The Best Image Size for Twitter Post

    With 313 million monthly users, Twitter is one of the social media platforms, most commonly used by consumers to interact with their favorite brands. In 2019, Twitter made some changes to its layout, so we’ve decided to give you a head-start by covering the basics of the perfect Twitter image size. What’s the right Twitter […]

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  • Ideal Image Size for a Pinterest Pin

    Pinterest is one of those underrated social platforms: few businesses think of exploring it, which could be a mistake, given Pinterest’s huge user base. People are visual and after Instagram, Pinterest is the largest visual social media platform. With over 2 million pins saved daily and more than 335 million people visiting the site on […]

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  • Best LinkedIn Image and Video Sizes

    A recent survey discovered that 36% of marketers spend 1/3 of their budget on visual content, which once again highlights the importance of making sure you know your social media inside and out. It’s a common misconception that LinkedIn is a bland professional network where the information you share trumps the visual feel of the […]

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  • Instagram Image Size Guide for 2021

    With 200 million Instagram users skimming a business profile daily, you’ve got a lot of people eyeballing your posts. As a highly visual platform, ruling Instagram is all about finding the perfect image to serve your audience. Here are our tips on how to master the Instagram image – from the right Instagram image size […]

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