Best 31 Box Mockup Templates

April 7th 2020
9 minute read

You’ve got a shiny new packaging design, but what will it look like on a box? Use this collection of best box mockup templates and quickly find out!

Upload your own design into any of these templates and a make a realistic or 3D mockup in matter of seconds. It’s the fastest way to showcase your design or simply preview your packaging idea for a real or digital product.

The collection includes a large variety of custom box sizes and shapes, so hopefully there’s a box for everyone!

NB: There 2 Ways to Edit Each Mockup Template:

  1. Customize online in the Box Mockup Generator
  2. Download as Photoshop PSD file (for annual subscribers)

1. Standing Box Mockup

Make a standing 3D product showcase with this box template. Add a front cover and side image separately. Turn off the background layer for a transparent PNG output. Choose a color for the entire box if your image has transparent areas or if you don’t have a design for the side of the box.

2. Software Box Mockup


This time there’s no reason to think outside the box, because this mockup is all about putting your content into a box. Mockup template with a standing 7×10 inch software box template. Upload your own separate designs to cover the box front and side. Customize the color of the entire box if your design doesn’t cover the entire box.

3. Standing Box Template


Make yourself a nice box image with this online mockup tool. Simply upload your own box front design, and for the side, upload another image or choose a color that matches the front. Turn off the background layer and select PNG for a transparent mockup.

4. Box Presentation Mockup


A creative 3D product box generator template. Turn your image into a realistic looking cardboard product box on a wooden table and blurred background. A professional product box showcase template. Upload your image and generate a 3D box design online. Promote your latest digital or real life product.

5. Square Box Mockup


A square box template on a gray studio background setup. Upload your own design onto the front and side of the box change the color of the entire box. Also change the color of the background to create a branded product scene with your desired colors.

6. Digital Product Mockup


Mockup with a software/product box standing in front of a Macbook laptop. Use this template to promote your digital product or special offer on sale. A great template for ecommerce businesses selling digital goods or SaaS service for displaying their products.

7. Tall Box Mockup

Mockup template for showcasing a tall product. A shiny cardboard vertical box standing isolated on a white background. Create your product mockup for medicals, cosmetics or any product that is packaged in a similar box.

8. Software Product Box Mockup


You can’t keep software in a box, you have to let it out! A mockup for showcasing your software or digital product design. A tall standing box with a blank CD/DVD next to it.

9. Digital Product Box Mockup

Use this mockup template with an iPhone, Macbook and standing box to showcase your digital product or service. Present your website, mobile content and a box displaying what you are offering. Great for promoting digital service or product combo offer.

10. Packaging Box Mockup


Creative logo on box template. Insert your logo on a cardboard box. Man is packing something in a cardboard box and tying the box with rope. Good template for displaying your logo, advertising your new product or service being compiled and getting ready to be launched or delivered.

11. Medicine Box Mockup


A blank horizontal paper box standing on a white surface. Upload your own front and side box designs and choose a color for the entire box, if your design includes transparent areas. A perfect mockup to showcase medical product packaging designs.

12. Square Packaging Mockup


Make your audiences ask, what’s in the box? Generate your own gift box 3D mockup. Upload your image or logo to the lid of the box, customize the color and get your preview within seconds. Front view of a square shaped and closed cardboard box. A great mockup for illustrating website content or email newsletters and promotional content.

13. Shoe Box Mockup Template


Need to preview your own custom shoe box design? Here’s your chance with this easy to use mockup template. Upload your own design onto the box lid and choose a color for the box and background.

14. Gift Box Mockup Template


Everyone loves presents! Easily generate a gift box mockup with your own design online. A 3D angled view of a square gift box with the lid opened a bit. Choose the box color and upload your own logo design.

15. Cardboard Packaging Mockup

Make a realistic mockup to showcase your logo design or company symbolics. A cardboard box lying on a wood floor background. Upload your own logo or image with 1 click. A realistic cardboard box online mockup for displaying a transport, delivery or logistics related logo design.

16. Software Tall Box Mockup

This mockup will make you stand up and speak out about your product! A template featuring a standing software box on isolated background. Easily add your own box design for the front and optionally for the side. Hint: this mockup is also used on our Features page, go see how good it looks in live action.

17. Pizza Box Mockup


Starting a pizzeria or simply want to showcase your pizza related logo design? You found the best mockup! A realistic mockup generator featuring a 3D blank pizza box isolated on a white background. Easily change the color of the box or background and upload your full size design or logo. Now… don’t let the pizza get cold!

18. Christmas & Gift Box Mockup


Template of a blank gift box with an open lid and decorated with a ribbon. Choose your own custom color for the box and upload your own logo design. Easily make your own branded gift box design – perfect for showcasing your brand with a seasonal holiday theme.

19. Double Box Mockup

A double box template. Make a bundle mockup to showcase your product combo offer. 2 thin product boxes standing on an isolated white background. Upload your own designs to the front and side of the boxes or choose the box color.

20. Standing Square Box Mockup


A mockup template featuring a standing square product over an isolated PNG background. Place your own design onto the box and showcase your beautiful product. Upload a separate design onto the front cover and side of the box.

21. Man Holding Cardboard Box Mockup

A creative mockup for showcasing your product or packaging design. A businessman in suit holding a cardboard box. Easily customize the color of the box and add your logo or image with realistic results. Promote your branded product package design. Illustrate fast delivery, free shipping or a gift.

22. Hang Tab Product Box Mockup

How do you advertise your box and package design ideas without actually printing them? Simple, use our box mockups! A realistic 3D half side view of a blank cardboard box with a hang tab standing on a gray studio background.

23. Wide Product Box Mockup

Gift box generator template isolated on a studio background. Gift box with the lid slightly off. Upload your own logo or any other branding design to the box cover, choose the right color and ready you are. A perfect mockup for the holiday season to show that you are thinking about gifts.

24. Cigarette Box Mockup

A 3D cigarettes packaging mockup template. Upload your own cigarette box label design and preview it in a perspective 3D scene. Front view of a blank cigarettes box. Turn off the background layer for a transparent version.

25. Square Box with Lid


Time to make gifts and share presents! Generate your own branded gift box design online. An angled side view of a square gift box with a closed lid. Everyone would like to know what’s inside! Upload your logo design, choose a color for the box & background and create a realistic gift box design with seconds. A must have branded design for the holiday season.

26. Digital Product Bundle Mockup


Mockup template with a cardboard product box and a website screenshot or image placeholder. Upload your own images and preview the results with seconds. A great mockup for visualizing your product or service that you sell online. Showcase your product features and preview images.

27. Pizza Cover Mockup


Mockup template featuring top view of a square pizza box lying on a wooden surface. Upload your own design, choose a color for the box, and turn off the background if you need a transparent PNG. Customizing this mockup is easy and so is ordering a pizza – do it now!

28. Square Hang Tab Product Box


You have the product, we have the box mockup! Top view mockup for showcasing a square cardboard box with a hang tab. Choose a color for the box and background. The easiest and fastest way to mockup and display your product design idea.

29. Tall Hang Tab Product Box


A blank cardboard box mockup with a hang tab. A simple way to showcase your product and packaging design. Choose a color for the box and the background or export the scene as a transparent PNG

30. Medicine Pills Mockup


3D mockup template featuring a box of pills/drugs over a solid color or transparent PNG background. Make your own creative or funny drug label in our free design maker and turn it into a 3D mockup.

31. Matchbox Template


A simple matchbox cover mockup template. Add your own design label onto the matchbox. Remember, don’t play with real matches 🙂 You can’t get burned with this online mockup though! The easiest way to make your own branded matchbox. Upload your design, crop and done within seconds.


Did this collection satisfy your needs for a quick box mockup? If not, you can always use Pinterest to find more creative ideas and inspiration for a box design.

NB: if you need to print and order real cardboard boxes, instead of PSD box templates, be sure to try out a cool service like this, where you can design and order your box online.

If you simply need a quick way to make a simple box design, you can also head over to our free online design maker and create a packaging design in seconds.

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