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  • The 3 Best Marketing Moments of August 2021

    The last month of summer came with a few remarkable marketing moments. The central theme surrounding August seemed to be the pairing of unlikely, yet successful, duos. Below, we have selected three of the best marketing moments of August:  1. Corona teams up with Duolingo to celebrate its Spanish roots The popular beer brand Corona […]

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  • The 3 Best Marketing Moments of July 2021

    The most iconic marketing moments of July had one thing in common. They all centered around blockchain technology, further advancing the ‘mainstreamification’ of this new tech by big corporations. In honor of many brands jumping on the trend, don’t forget to check out our own NFT token.  1. Coca-Cola to auction its first NFT On […]

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  • The 3 Best Marketing Moments of June 2021

    The first month of summer came to end! Events are picking up, the UEFA championship is unfolding and rainbow capitalism is back at it again. Some brands succeeded to leave their mark in the cluttered marketing space.  Let’s take a look at the best marketing moments of June. 1. Burger King trolls Chick-fil-A with donations during […]

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  • The 3 Best Marketing Moments of May 2021

    May provided some fun and creative marketing campaigns, besides all the Mother’s Day and Star Wars Day social media posts from all possible brands on Earth. In this article, we will share our three best marketing moments that broke the Internet.  1. Taco Bell promoting itself using the actual moon On May 4, Taco Bell […]

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  • The 3 Best Marketing Moments of April 2021

    It’s that time of the month again when we share our favorite marketing moments of April from brands all over the world. With the notorious pranking month behind us, some of these stories April’s stories have a bit of a funny twist. This reinforces the idea that humor is still a strong selling point used […]

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  • The 3 Best Marketing Moments of March 2021

    With the official arrival of spring out of the way, let’s take a look at the most iconic ideas that started as a seed, but blossomed into the best marketing moments last month.  1. Dove offers to pay other brands to diversify ads Unilever’s very popular cosmetic brand Dove has decided that being part of […]

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